Just moved to Texas from Arizona, where is support group for Lubbock Texas?

Texas Girl
on 5/19/16 1:32 pm


I had my surgery a long time ago... in Phoenix AZ, Banner Good Samaritan.  I have been in the Lubbock Texas area, actually live in Plainview Texas. Curious where RNY support group is meeting?  or even where a Weight Loss Bariatric surgery clinic is located?  I would appreciate all the advice I can get.

Texas girl

on 6/11/16 4:11 am
VSG on 12/29/15 with

On this site go to community and then groups and you may find a support group in your area. Wish you the best!



Debbie W.
on 6/21/16 7:04 am - Houston, TX

I had my RNY done by Dr. David Syn, Advanced Bariatric Center, in Lubbock. Since I live in Houston, I'm not sure where the support groups in Lubbock are, but give his office a call.

on 8/9/16 6:20 pm
on 9/8/16 2:58 pm

There used to be a group that met at Covenant, but I'm not sure if they're meeting anymore.  Dr. Syn is my doctor.  They may be able to help  you.  

on 2/26/17 11:18 am

They do have a Bariatric Support Group at Covenant.  There are also some Facebook groups for the Lubbock area.  Dr. Hannel is who I see local for DS labs and followups. Dr Hannel is located at Grace Clinic.  My surgeon was Bo Neichoy at Panhandle Weight Loss in Amarillo.

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