Distal bypass anyone?

Stephanie G.
on 7/29/16 9:50 am - Rowlett, TX

I had a revision from a gastric bypass to a distal bypass one year ago and lost all of my regain plus some. I started a social media group called Distal Bypass Support if anyone cares to join.

RNY revision from lapband 7/30/07...TT/BL 10/9/08 and at GOAL

on 8/29/16 6:16 pm

Hey Steph,

I was thinking about you.  Glad to see you are well!!  Best wishes!


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on 4/1/17 1:58 am - West Palm Beach, FL
RNY on 07/10/13

Hi Stephanie,

I am scheduling a revision from RNY to distal bypass in June. What was your experience like? Do you take a lot of vitamins? Would you do it again? Are you in the bathroom all day? Sorry if I'm asking so many questions. I seem to be reading a lot of negative feedback about this procedure but I am still 99% ready. It sounds like you have done well and may have positive feedback to offer.



Stephanie G.
on 4/1/17 5:29 am - Rowlett, TX

Welcome to the world of distal bypasses! I love mine. I went from a size 22 to an 8 2 years ago and I'm still there today. Yes, I poop about 10-15 times a day and it smells foul but I just deal with it. I eat huge portions of food, don't exercise and still maintain my weight. You have to be diligent about your vitamins and so I wear vitamin patches rather than deal with taking 22 individual pills. I started a FB page just for distals called "distal bypass support". Feel free to join.

RNY revision from lapband 7/30/07...TT/BL 10/9/08 and at GOAL

on 4/8/17 1:37 pm - West Palm Beach, FL
RNY on 07/10/13
Thanks for the feedback! Congratulations on your weight loss!
on 2/10/20 6:55 pm

Do you have a group about this topic?

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