I'm looking for a WLS who accepts Medicare

on 9/18/18 9:33 am - Murchison, Te

I live in East Texas, but would be willing to go as far as the DFW area, maybe even Austin. I need a surgeon who accepts Medicare (I don't have Medicaid because I'm married :-/) and who, ideally, doesn't make you pay the 20% Medicare doesn't cover up-front. If I have to pay up-front, I'll scrape the money together somehow. However, I'm on SSDI and so is my husband.

if anyone could help, that'd be amazing! Thank you!

Rian Lyons-Copeland

on 10/4/20 5:35 pm

Hi Rian,

I realize this is a couple of years late. But I just came on this board and came across your question. To Answer that yes, my surgeon does take Medicare patients. And I wasn't asked to pay anything up front from him or his office.

But I have Humana Medicare Advantage and they covered 100 % of the surgery. And I too am on SSDI

The only bill I still owe is my $325.00 copay towards the hospital. But You can ask for a Patients Assistants Program and that will cover the copay.

If you don't have Humana, I don't know what your insurance is willing to cover?

I prefer Humana because they are real good at coverage and with prescription coverage too.

Anyhow the surgeon I use is with Capital Surgeon's Group and his name is Dr. Tim Faulkenberry. This is in Austin, Texas

Their number is 512-334-1885

Good luck to you, God bless you, Lynn Kaune

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