Problem 15 yrs out

on 2/10/20 11:33 am

I had rny in 2005. Revised to gastric sleeve in 2008. Lately, every time I cough or bend over for any length of time I feel like my intestines are twisting. Every time this happens , the next day my stomach feels badly bruised. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong? Has anyone had similar problems. I am in my 70's....maybe just old age????

Cinthya B
on 8/27/21 8:51 pm - Houston, TX

I don't have an answer, but I also struggle with something similar. I am 15 yrs post-op. After about 10 yrs, anytime I bent down, for any reason.. my stomach(s) would seize and spasm. Still happens, noone knows why.

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