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on 9/12/22 10:59 am - SUGAR LAND, TX
Topic: I'm new here

Hi I'm CamIla Petrea 28 year old formal tattoo artists, and single mom of two wonderful children Gwen 12, Ace 4 from Irving Texas and I'm new on here and looking for some support and get help on my weight loss journey because 589 lbs life is miserable I can't be mom that my kids deserve to have And I can't do my second favorite thing being a tattoo artist and share my art to the world.

on 8/10/22 6:40 am
Topic: RE: 20 years post op

I had a ring put on by Dr Molina in 1985. I achieved my goal of130 lb weight loss and was pleased. Over the year the weight started to return and the ring began giving me issues with vomiting and chest pains. Finally this year 2022 I decided to have the ring removed. The surgeon was unable to find the ring and was not able to explain what happened. Has anyone else ever had this issue. The surgeon fixed s hiatal hernia during the surgery and told me he felt that was what caused my issues. My question what happened to the ring and where is it. Please share any insight you might have. d statlander

on 6/30/22 11:23 am - Dallas, TX
on 6/29/22 8:26 pm
Topic: RE: Texas Star Amerigroup Medicaid surgeons

Tyler bariatrics in tyler tx dr Charles keith

on 6/29/22 8:25 pm
Topic: RE: Texas Star Amerigroup Medicaid surgeons

Mine is tyler bariatrics in tyler tx dr Charles keith

on 6/29/22 3:53 pm - Dallas, TX
Topic: RE: Texas Star Amerigroup Medicaid surgeons

Hi would you mind providing the name and location of the doctor you speak of. I have diabetes as well, and I currently have that same insurance. Any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

on 6/26/22 8:15 am
Topic: RE: Texas Star Amerigroup Medicaid surgeons

Hey I have the same insurance and am from longview I thought my insurance didn't cover it but my dr sent in a referral for a bariatric surgeon they called me last week and said they do cover it if you have a weight related condition I have diabetes so my first appointment with bariatric is on the 7th

on 4/28/22 1:49 pm
Topic: RE: OMG...Thought I was a gonner!!!

Hi. I noticed the same thing , after eating

" Triscuit " crackers .

These are popular crackers.....

After i ate from this box , maybe ten crackers .....i noticed

The same what she described above.a pain and bad uneasy feels my in the stomach .... 100 percent sure this came from these triscuits..

Looked at ingredients...not much. Sounds healthy. Could it be an additive. Like a preservative . Is causing this. I must be. Unhealthy. Due to your stomach saying ouch. Ow...not good ..

on 3/18/22 5:52 pm
Topic: RE: Texas Star Amerigroup Medicaid surgeons

Does anyone know what provider I can go to that accepts Amerigroup star?

on 2/20/22 3:20 pm - Garland, TX
Topic: RE: N. Texas Couple Loses 250 Lbs. w. WLS

Here's a bit lengthier article about the family (from Shine Magazine, link is in the original news video article):

A couple of takeaways to note .. one, notice mention made of how important the "strict diet" is to successful post-op weight loss .. Keep in mind WLS is not a "ticket to ride" to major weight loss, it's rather more like a "passport" that will allow you to get to that destination if you do things properly after your surgery .. Something else I noticed from the video is that none of their three young sons are showing signs of being overweight, fortunately .. Hopefully it will stay that way and the "fat genes" will not creep into the scene later on ...

Frank talk about the DS / "All I ever wanted to be was thin, like that Rolling Stones dude ... "

HW/461 LW/251 GW187 CW/298 (yep, a DS semi-failure - it happens :-( )

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