Anyone use Matthew Fitzer at Virginia Bariatric Surgery Center

Jack Allen
on 11/17/14 2:05 am - Leesburg, VA

Anyone use Matthew Fitzer at Virginia Bariatric Surgery Center?

on 12/15/14 11:44 pm

also like to know

on 2/25/15 10:07 am - Arlington , VA

Hello..I used Matthew Fitzer for my gastric bypass on January 26th. So I'm exactly 4 weeks post op. I feel like he did a good job on the surgery but after the surgery you only see his assistant. I saw him only once after my surgery  (day after ) and only keep communication with the assistant. But she does answer anything that I need to know and stay in constant contact. I'm guessing since he is the only doctor in the practice  (other than his assistant ) he can't talk to every one post op. But other than that, yes I would refer him. He was very nice and was informative before my surgery. 

NielahGastric Bypass on 1/26/15

SW:239  CW:212


on 5/14/15 9:08 am

I'm scheduled to see Dr. Fitzer on 5/21/15 to discuss WSL with him. Out of curiosity, how long did you stay in the hospital? Do you find it easy or difficult to follow his "rules of successful WSL" he described in his webinar? do you have any suggestions of what questions I should ask when I meet him? I have come up with a few but want to know what others might have asked.


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