Kaiser surgeries... Anyone?

on 11/26/14 10:31 am

Hi all! Wanted to know if there's anyone out there that has had surgery (wls) with any kaiser doctors. And how do you feel they rank overall as far as experience with those that are maybe high risk?


on 12/31/14 8:34 am - Falls Church, VA

Kaiser Mid-Atlantic, at least in the DC/MD/VA area doesn't have it's own bariatric surgeons.  Currently, they've contracted with the bariatric program at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD.  Their surgeons are Dr. Cantor and Dr. McArthur.  Dr. Cantor has more experience, as he's been in practice longer than Dr. McArthur.  There is a facebook forum "Holy Cross WLS" where you can ask questions from pre and post-op patients.    I'm pre-op, so can't give any personal experience with either surgeon yet.

on 1/1/15 8:01 am

Thank you so much for the info Muse76. I am looking into getting surgery. I will be talking to a Dr. soon hopefully when I can get an appointment. When I had Kaiser a few years ago, the Dr. said that Kaiser doesn't like to refer their patients to surgery so she dropped that subject quick. But now I aim to go back and try and talk to a Dr. about this. I can't continue this rollercoaster I am on. Can you keep me posted on how the Drs. are with you and how the surgery went? When do you go for the actual surgery? I hope all is well, and goes well.

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