Meds after surgery

on 8/7/15 9:39 am
VSG on 08/21/15

I will be having my bariatric sleeve surgery in 2 weeks.  I currently take Effexor for anxiety but won't be able to take the capsules after surgery.  I have some immediate release pills that I thought I could crush and put in my Crystal Light but it still tastes disgusting!!  Any ideas for mixing crushed meds right after surgery? 

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on 10/11/15 4:53 am

I would discuss this with your Dr. Some will allow you to take needed meds almost from day one. I had surgery with a friend who takes similar meds and our Dr only made her hold off for 24 hrs on her psych meds. If anxiety is your major problem Klonapin comes as tiny instant dissolve "wafer" and that is quite tolerable. Maybe that is an idea for you till you can take your meds again.Good luck.

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on 10/11/15 4:55 am

Oops sorry a little late with that reply. For some reason I read it as having surgery in 2 months. So how did it go?

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