Anyone in SW VA?

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on 10/7/15 5:19 pm

Wondering if there is anyone out there from Giles or Montgomery Co. I would enjoy meeting someone local and offering and receiving support on this journey. Thanks.

on 2/29/16 9:40 am

Hi I know it's been awhile since you posted but I came across it and thought I would see how you're doing. I'm in Christiansburg.

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on 2/29/16 3:25 pm

Wow so nice to hear from someone local. I am doing well. Have been stalled for a while but have no doubts once it is warmer and I can walk more (love the Huckleberry Trail) that I will lose more. I had a plication so weight loss is slower. Some lose as much as with VSG and others don't. How are you doing? May I ask which surgery you had and how long ago?

Might be nice to get to know each other a bit. Thank you sending me a reply,



on 3/5/16 8:06 pm

Hi Liz. I haven't had surgery yet. I'm just starting out and going to the informational session on April 7. I'm leaning more towards the RNY unless the surgeon thinks otherwise when I see him. Where did you get yours done? What ins do you have? What requirements did you have to do? I live in Christiansburg and work at Tech. I'll be going through the Bariatric program through Roanoke Carilion MH. I wish I could say mine is coming up soon, but I have to do a 12 month Health Education program for my ins that consists of one phone call a month that lasts no more than 20 minutes. Grrrr I honestly wish I had to do what most others do and do a 3 or 6 month diet. Frustrating.

I'm 46 yo, 5'5.5" and cw is 265 with a bmi of 43.4. I have osteoarthritis in both knees and my lower back. I am Bipolar 2 (that is controlled) with depression (that is not). I also have Hypothyroidism (that is doing well with meds). The older I get, the worse my health gets. What is your story?



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on 6/3/16 3:19 pm

Oh Terri I am so sorry I have not seen your post until now. Usually I get a notification that someone replied, perhaps it was when I was away and with all the mail I had when I got back I didn't notice it.

Sounds like you have a very difficult program to work through but hopefully you will be approved in the end. My ins at the time covered nothing to do with weight loss. I had my surgery and Mexico and could not be any more pleased with the care I received.

I was 64 at the time of my surgery. Starting weight was 250 and I am 5' 71/2" . I had gastric plication. I did not want a larger surgery with more long term chance of complications/side effects. Additionally I have a husband who had a major stroke and needed a quick recovery so I could care for him. I am not unhappy with my choice.

You are wise to do it now and not wait as long as I did, mostly as my husband was not supportive (he is now). Health issue do get owrse as we age.

My son and DIL graduated from and live close to Tech. I live in Giles. Please let me know how you are doing and again my sincere apologies for the delay in my reply.

on 6/3/16 3:31 pm

No worries!

I've never heard of a gastric plication. What is it like? The lapband?

Things are moving along. I had my stress test done a couple weeks ago, some blood work, and my appt for my sleep study is Jul 21 (I want it sooner so my ins covers it 100% since my out of pocket has been met. Trying to get a cancelation through them so I can). I've had 2 of the 12 appts for the health education program already. My problem is that I'm gaining instead of losing. I've not been the best at my diet so I guess that explains it. lol

How long ago did you have your WLS?

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on 6/3/16 4:13 pm

Gastric plication is a procedure in which basically they fold your stomach up and the folds are stitched inside the stomach and take up space so your stomach capacity is far less. It is a  minimally invasive procedure done laproscopically. It is used far more in Europe than in this country. The Cleveland Clinic was one of the first places to do it about 6-7 yrs ago. Lots of info on line if you find it of interest.

If you are having your sleep study done in Blacksburg/Cbrg the wait is forever as the Dr is very busy. My husband just had one there. I wish you luck getting a cancellation.

I had my surgery last July. I don't ever expect or want to be really thin but I have lost 60 lbs and am happy. I can eat enough to know I have eaten and not have any malnutritoin types issues but no longer have that chronic hunger type feeling you have when you diet.

on 6/3/16 4:20 pm

It's with a doctor an the Radford hospital (Carilion New River Community Hospital). I hope I can get in.

Your wls sounds interesting but wouldn't work on me. I have over 130lbs to lose. :(

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on 6/3/16 5:03 pm

I have only heard good things about that hospital's bariatric program. My husband has had several surgeries done there so I am familiar with it.

I have read of people losing that type pf weight with plication on European sites, though more slowly than some surgeries. But we all choose what we are comfortable with and  can get where we are in the world. I am sure you will do fine and hope the plans progress as you hope they will. The delays can be so frustrating once you have decided this is what you want to do.

on 6/3/16 1:36 pm

Hi, I just stumbled upon these forums and was delighted to see some people from NRV.  I live in Christiansburg. I am having a sleeve procedure on June 27 at Carilion Roanoke Memorial.  My name is Kitty

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