Anyone in SW VA?

on 6/3/16 3:35 pm

Hi Kitty. I also live in Christiansburg and work at Tech. I'm so excited for you. Lucky you so soon. Mine won't be until May or June of next year. I'm getting the RNY done.

on 6/4/16 7:36 pm

Hi Terri!

I used to work for Tech. I tried to get the lap band surgery when I worked there, so I certainly know about that long, 12 month wait that Anthem requires. I made it through the wait and all the tests and phone classes and then was not recommended for surgery due to some significant depression I was experiencing at the time. I was pretty devastated at the time, but in the end it was a blessing because I believe they have all but stopped doing Lapband because of low success rates.

My employer now has Aetna insurance and the wait was only six months. It flew by.

Your weight loss goal is very close to mine. I'll be your guinea pig!


on 7/14/16 8:23 am

Yeah I'm working on my 4th month right now. I go to the Sleep Study appt on the 21st. Can't wait. I know I have sleep apnea. I'm doing the RNY and can't wait. Just have to get a handle on the eating right thing. I've been working on my Coke habit. Right now I'm only drinking one a day, but sometimes I wait 2 days. That's awesome since I was drinking 3-4 Big Gulps a day, every day. Eeek! It's hard though, but I'm doing it.

Have you already had surgery? What did you end up getting?

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on 6/3/16 2:59 pm

Hi Kitty, nice to know there is someone local on the board. My name is Liz. I am from Pembroke. I had gastric plication in Jul of 2016. Feel free to pm me if you'd like to get to know me or we can chat here, whatever you are comfy with. I have only heard good things about Carillion's bariatric program.

on 6/4/16 7:44 pm

Thanks Liz!

I'm glad to know that you've heard good things about Carilion' s bariatric program. I've been pleased with their friendliness and efficiency so far. I am 54 yo, 5'2" and 254 pounds.

With the plication do you follow the same diet guidelines as an RNY or sleeve?

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on 6/5/16 5:26 pm

My stomach is larger than yours will be with RNY or the sleeve but far smaller than before. I eat pretty much the same way one would with other surgeries but more by my own choice than because I was told to. I find the higher protein diet does help me fuller (satiated) longer than a smaller than pre-surgery amount of a "more normal" diet. I am surprised and intrigued by the fact that in Europe and I believe possibly Australia they don't recommend that high protein diet.  How long till you might get your surgery?

on 6/5/16 5:38 pm

I'm scheduled to have the sleeve on June 27.

on 7/18/17 9:21 am

Well, it's been a little over a year since I posted. Are any of my SW Virginia peeps still out there?

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