Virginia Medicaid with Anthem Health Keepers Plus

on 6/27/17 11:22 am

Hi everyone I'm new to the board. I'm in the process of working on my requirements for weightloss surgery using Virginia Medicaid Anthem Health Keepers Plus. I've already met with the surgeon and he said I'm a perfect candidate for the surgery, I have only 1 more appointment with my PCP in August, I've met with pulmonary to conduct a sleep apnea test which should be in the next couple of weeks, and i have my physc evaluation next month. Has anyone been approved with ANTHEM health keepers plus and Virginia Medicaid? if so how long did the approval prices take? Or what was your outcome? Thank you so much.

on 1/16/20 3:43 pm - wasington, DC

Hello I was wondering did u ever get approved? I'm currently going thru this long process and I have Medicaid in Va (Premier) as well. Please help me out?????

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