Post Op 17 years

on 3/7/19 9:21 am

I am 17 years post op. When I had the Ruex-N-Y surgery in 2002 I went from 358 to 182 in the first 16 months. I stayed at the 182 for about 1 year. I slowly gained and reached a weight of 250 and stayed there till November of 2018 at which time I gained and have gained since then. I am now 280 and I'm afraid that I'll get back up to my original weight. I have been thinking about taking weight loss pills (OTC or even prescribed). What are your thoughts? Thank you all for your time and thoughts!! Take care everyone!!

on 8/26/19 11:30 pm - VA

What did you end up doing? I'm in northern Virginia and I had RNY in 2012. Went from 257 to 130. Now I'm at 206 and I want revised surgery. I will not gain all my weight back. I'm looking for a revision surgeon. My RNY surgeon was fantastic, Dr. Anez, but he's retired now. Do you know of any good bariatric surgeons in northern VA? Thanks!

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