Is salad a slider food?

Jessica K
on 10/13/09 2:04 pm - NY
It just seems like I could eat salad for ever.  Is salad a slider food?  Not that it is bad, but it just seems like I can eat a lot of it.

Jessica K

on 10/13/09 2:44 pm
I love salad and would eat it at every meal if I could, but I need that damn protein!  However, I can't eat that much.....maybe a cup to a cup and a half!  Add boneless chicken to it then see what you can do?

Jessica K
on 10/13/09 2:54 pm - NY
I can eat atleast 3 cups at one sitting. 

Jessica K

on 10/13/09 3:35 pm
I can eat a lot of salad too. Lettuce chews down to water. I do add chicken breast to mine to get some protein in and I make sure I eat all of that.
Brandi D
on 10/13/09 4:18 pm
I do a salad with a lettuce wrapped turkey burger @ Red Robin... and it's the one things I can eat a ton of... it's probably my biggest meal when we go there..

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on 10/13/09 7:56 pm - OH
I would say yes on this one---both because the lettuce is mostly water and will cause things to move through quicker, plus you add extra liquid to it in the form of salad dressing (and if you are like me that has to be the real stuff, so add on the calories, etc); and croutons---yup that's a slider. If you like and it doesn't cause you to stall out, I say go for it; but if you're like me and this stalls you--go back to the chicken first, salad last mentality.
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on 10/13/09 8:08 pm, edited 10/13/09 8:12 pm
Yes, it chews down to nothing. Just make sure your eating healthy greens, and not all ice berg lettuce which has literally no nutrition at all. Add some solid protein to that and you won't be able to eat so much. HAVE to get your protein in. At almost 2 years out, if I put my 3 ounces of protein with salad mix, I can eat maybe a cup of salad mix with the protein, or I'll get sick. The trick is to eat your protein, have a little salad and not get sick. I don't add croutons to it, WAY too many carbs, and I look at the sugar in a salad dressing before using it. I mostly make my own dressings per serving. Easier to keep a handle on the sugar content that way and it's just better than any bottled dressing. If I ate my salad without protein I could eat 3 cups also, so, it's the protein that will make the difference and it's an important one. We must get our protein, or we get sick in the long run or worse.
Brandi, I love the lettuce wrapped turkey burger at Red Robin. Delish.



on 10/13/09 10:20 pm
Raw veggies arent a slider to me, but with salad it looks like you are eating a massive amount when you arent really.  Weigh out 4 ounces, you will be surprised.

on 10/13/09 10:50 pm - New Braunfels, TX
I'm with Missy on this one.  The times I've eaten salad as an "appetizer" before a meal at a restaurant, it has filled me up so much that I am unable to eat much of what I'm supposed to eat.  I only ate maybe 5 or 6 bites of salad then bam, too full for meat.  I've really got to be careful with that.  My eyes are always bigger than my stomach.  And I stay full off it a long time too.  I am 9 months out now and can barely manage 3 ounces of dense protein IF I eat absolutely nothing else.  Anyway, that's my experience.  I guess we're all very different :)


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on 10/13/09 10:34 pm - Four Corners, NM