Profile questions!

on 3/23/11 9:21 am - MN
Ok, I am usually pretty knowledgeable on the computer, but I will be darned if I can NOT figure out how to put "VGS" and my surgery date on my profile. 

Could someone please help me out here.  I know I am a blond, but this is a little silly!

Brenda : )
Stephanie A.
on 3/23/11 9:48 am - Lake Mary, FL

I was just trying to figure out how to put revision with the date on mine and can't figure it out.  I am also usually pretty good at stuff like this.  I sure home someone answers this question for us.

Stephanie A.
on 3/23/11 9:53 am - Lake Mary, FL
Okay I figured it out.  Go to my journey and click on the little wrench. 
on 3/23/11 9:53 am
At the very top of the screen where it says "Welcome, (your name)", click on "my account"

In the left hand nav below your profile pic, choose "My journey"... you should have options to add a surgery in there. 

I think that'll do it?

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on 3/23/11 10:11 am - MN
Ok, so I filled that out and it still isn't showing up. I will go back and try something else.

Any other helpful hints?

on 3/23/11 10:22 am - MI
Be sure to check the primary Box.

on 3/23/11 10:30 am - MN
Thanks Nadia, that was the problem. I kept forgetting to check the primary box. I know it has been a long day, but WOW, I made that a lot harder than it needed to be.

Thanks everyone for your help. Now I feel a little more "official"!!!