Stalled but lost a pant size!!

on 3/23/11 2:50 am
I am a month out tomorrow and the number has not moved on my scale for about 2.5 weeks now.  I lost 30 pounds before my surgery and about 12 after and I am now at 184 so it is not bugging me a ton since I am smaller then my wedding day and almost to my high school graduation weight:)  A tiny irked but all in all I feel great.  So I went to Old Navy yesterday to get some shorts just to tide me over and I grabbed the 16s while remembering that people on here had said the scale was not moving but they were losing pant sizes.  Hmmmm got me thinking to maybe just grab a size 14 for the fun of it.  So I go in and put the 14s on PRAISE JESUS!!!!  They fit and are even a little big!!!  YES YES YES YES!!!  Almost better then sex....almost :)  Of course I did the booty dance and then the lady came up and asked if there was anything she could grab from me and I said "YES here are the 16s...they are too BIG!!"  I also had to get large shirts instead of XL!!  Another woot woot!!  I feel beautiful and I am so happy.  My oldest was telling me how beautiful I looked and I was almost in tears.  AMAZING day yesterday!  Also on a personal note for all who care.  My beautiful 4 year old daughter Taylor accepted Jesus Christ in her heart at church the other day.   She has done the drill before but this day she knew what she was doing and it was amazing.  I was in tears to know my oldest was on her way in the right direction!  She is such a beautiful little girl and an awesome older sister to her little brother and little sister.  I am so blessed and I love my family!  You guys are all great too!  The support on here for each other is AMAZING!!!  I pray blessings over all of you today!!  WOOHOO  GOD IS GOOD!!!
on 3/23/11 3:07 am - Houston, TX
What sweet testimony! Doesn't it feel great to go down a size? I too did the booty happy dance in a Old Navy fitting room in some 14's not long ago. You are doing great - keep it up and no worries about the scale.
But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. ~2 Chronicles 15:7 
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on 3/23/11 3:17 am - Beverly Hills, CA

Great Job!!  Don't buy too many 14s because you will be in a 12 before you know it. 

Also, Great job with little Taylor...God is Good all the Time.

Be Blessed            
on 3/23/11 3:51 am - MI
WOW - this is just a GREAT story! Brought tears to my eyes! I LOVE the comment, "Almost better than sex, almost" - That is a phrase that is used in my marriage every once in awhile. ( long story ) And I thought we were the only ones!! I just chuckled when I read that statement.

I'm so happy for you - I don't even know you and I'm doing the happy dance with you!! 
Can't wait to have that moment myself! 

And congrats on your daughter accepting Jesus Christ into her heart. That is just wonderful.
God is good and he is all we need
                                      WHOOO BABY - I LOVE MY SLEEVE!!!
on 3/23/11 4:29 am

Praise the Lord!!
Mrs Vermonica

on 3/23/11 4:52 am
VSG on 01/18/11 with
god is good all the time way to goo congrats
on 3/23/11 5:19 am - NC
Congratulations for you and your daughter.
on 3/23/11 6:31 am - GA
What a wonderful news!!!  Woot is right.  I say, who cares about the weight to me it is all about the size - size does matter!!!  I could way 300lbs if I could fit in a size 6 (probably be made of lead but that isn't important ;-)

This is wonderful!  Celebrate it!
on 3/24/11 3:56 am - Fort Sill, OK
Congrats! So much to celebrate!!!