Pre-Op Liquid Diet Questions???

on 3/24/11 3:17 am - MN
So I am scheduled for my VSG on April 5.  I am sooooo excited (and a little nervous, of course), but my surgeon does not require the 2 week pre-op liquid diet.  However, I would like to do it anyways, mainly to shrink that liver of mine so it is out of the way.

What I am needing are some great ideas for this stage.  Since I have no list from my surgeon, I figured I would turn to the other true experts - You All!!!

My only problem is that I can not go overboard on the whey or soy protiens.  I am allergic to both of those.  My face breaks out in beautiful scaley patches with too much dairy/whey and my body itches with the soy.  I am could be quite a site to behold when this is all over with.  Scaley and scratchy.  Oh the fun.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated for you wonderful informative folks.

on 3/24/11 3:25 am - United Kingdom
I had to do a low calorie diet of around 1000 cal per day and didn't have to do the liquid shake thing.
I had for breakfast 1-2 tbsp cereal or 1 slice of toast with no butter or spread and sugar free Jam.  Lunch I had 2oz meat or 2 eggs or 1oz cheese with one slice of bread (No spread) and salad vegs (No fat dressing)
Dinner 2oz meat fish, 2 eggs not fried, 20z low fat cheese and vegetables and a small potatoe or 2tbs of rice or pasta as much green veg as you want but no root veg ie carrots parsnips beetroot swede
each day 200ml skim or semi skim (0% or 2% milk)
1 low fat yogurt or a no sugar fruit yoghurt ie Shape
My liver was fine when I had my op so the surgeon said. and I lost weight
hope that you have a good surgery.  Goodluck and hope this helps you
on 3/24/11 3:30 am - MI
If you google, "shrink the liver diet" - you'll come up with a ton of ideas. Most of them are Gastric bypass patients.

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on 3/24/11 6:07 am
I am going to be drinking 2 high protein shakes Slim Fast 3 Atkins Advantage shakes after those I can eat broth chicken, beef, veggie, sugarfree popsicles, crystal light , tea w/splenda, that;s about it. The thing is I have to get all those shakes down before I drink anything else. I have to do this for 14 days before surgery.. We will see. I might be grouchy but, I pray i won't cause havoc on my family. So that is my diet b4 surgery.
on 3/24/11 6:40 am
 I'm on the two week shake diet right now before my surgery. My doctor has me on shakes that have less then 4 carbs per serving. I got some shake mix from him but it's awful. I can drink Atkins which is better tasting. I can also have two servings a day of cheese sticks or an egg with no salt added. I still drink water with crystal light too. Those were his instructions and I'm following them strictly. 

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on 3/24/11 8:35 am - Evart, MI
 It's not really the "liquid" that shrinks the liver it's the high protein/low carb/low calorie rapid weight loss that shrinks the liver.
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on 3/24/11 12:44 pm, edited 3/24/11 12:45 pm - MN
Thanks for all the ideas and thoughts. I knew I could count on y'all.

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on 3/24/11 12:51 pm - Underwood, ND
Can you do the egg protein??  I just bought my whey protein shakes and they are AWESOME!!!  They are made by Jay Robb and I know he has egg protein too.  Here is the link to his site if you want to check it out.  Our local GNC has it as well....tastes great!

Here is the link for the egg white protein he offers.... n/egg-white-protein-vanilla.asp