Miralax... how do you take it?

on 3/24/11 3:15 am - Phoenix, AZ
Let's talk about Miralax as a fancy ****tail, because for most of us it is a daily supplement. Miralax works for me as long as I take it regularly. I typically forget and end up not having a BM for 4 days and then it's too late and Miralax has no effect. I then have to go to colace until I see some action. I'm working on getting in at least a half a dose of miralax everyday, but I'm wondering how you all like it. I prefer it in juice, but juice is way too high in carbs and I don't even allow it in the house anymore. Yesterday I mixed it in with some peach tea flavored Crystal light. That seemed to work well. I don't like to consume a lot of artificial sweetners though because I am pretty sensitive to them. I did try mixing it into some SF pudding the other day and it made it very soupy which was strange.... I'm open to suggestions! Thanks!

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on 3/24/11 3:39 am
I just had to start Miralax in addition to Colace after a horrid episode this week.......I have mixed the Miralax in SF koolaid but have read others put it in their coffee every morning.

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on 3/24/11 4:25 am - TX
I use benefiber and mix it in my water.  Absolutely tasteless.  You can put it in your food, any beverage (hot or cold).  Or it comes in capsules.
on 3/24/11 4:53 am - CO
I've mixed in Orange gatorade for my pre-op colon prep. Couldn't even taste it!
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on 3/24/11 5:17 am - New Braunfels, TX
I put mine in hot tea or coffee and it keeps me going.  I just don't like that it's not "portable" like a pill.  So when I go on trips I guess it'll be harder cause it's a bit more hassle.  And I don't like to miss doses cause you have to start all over again.  I do take 2 additional colace as well.


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on 3/24/11 10:35 am
I put it in my crystal lite. 3/4 dose everyday. I can skip a day every now and then without getting into too much trouble. Any more than that then I need to use colace as well.
on 3/24/11 10:58 am
I put it in my morning coffee.  I usually have 2 cups while getting ready in the morning, and the Miralax goes in the first.  I don't use Click in the morning or make a protein drink out of my coffee - just black coffee, and the Miralax is absolutely tasteless.  I also use the generic version typically, much cheaper than the brand name and works the same.

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on 3/24/11 1:27 pm - TN
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For traveling you can buy Miralax in packets. About this time of year you can sometimes find it with 5 travel packs attached to the bottle at a special price. I think I found mine at Walgreens.

I have used Miralax for over two years, every day - long time problem with BM's - and it has been a wonderful product for me. I put it in my coffee every morning.

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on 5/3/21 6:19 pm

I took Miralax in a glass of room temperature water, then I had a cup of coffee with Low-fat Lactaid Milk and a little bit of sugar. Both of them didn't hit me until an hour later. I must have gone to the bathroom at least a dozen times this morning. Then, after I finally stopped, both were making me urinate multiple times. I almost peed myself while looking for socks before showering. I had to take IBGard because my gut wouldn't stop rumbling! You will have some discomfort and pain if you have IBS like I do. I wasn't dehydrated at all from going multiple times. Fair warning: you will have to go every 5-10 minutes. I was in the bathroom at least a couple hours this morning.