Protonix for acid reduction

on 3/27/11 2:51 am - CO
I am 5 days out and feeling better each day. However, last night I had some wicked acid reflux that kept me up for 3 hours. I called the bariatric surgeon who was on call today...he was surprised my surgeon didn't give me a script for that, and said he would call it in for me.

Question....did you all get prescribed an acid reduce as part of your discharge meds, or do doctors us a "wait and see of they get it approach" ? The doc on call also mentioned it something he recommends I take 6-12 months since our new tummies produce more acid.

Those who have taken protonix, did it work well for u and how long are u prescribed to take it?

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on 3/27/11 3:24 am - OK
I had my VSG on Wednesday and I was given a script for protonix on discharge. I have still had some pretty rough bouts of reflux over the past 5 days. I hope it will get better over the next few days, if not, I will probably call my Dr tomorrow. I too woke up last night with bad reflux but I just took some pain meds and went back to bed after a little bit. Hope you feel better soon and the Protonix works for you!
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on 3/27/11 3:45 am - CO
Thanks Miss April! I will be having my hubby pick up script in an hour or so! R u having discomfort in drinking? I do well I until ruse afternoons....then I feel I just can't get anymore liquids in....though I keep pushing and do!
  Lost 12 pounds during pre-op diet