Shopping NSV

Jocelyn P.
on 4/2/11 10:48 am - San Antonio, TX

Normally I hate shopping, it has always been depressing to try on too tight know the deal.
Well, I need more work clothes now. so i finally broke down and went to the mall. I found a size 12P pair of slacks that fit beautifully!! and a MEDIUM belt. MEDIUM!!!!!  Im still in a large top because of the boobs, but it felt so good to buy new clothes that fit and make me feel good about myself for once!
OH, and the best part (even better than a size 12?!?!) everything I bought was on sale!  I'm happy today

5' tall  HW209/SW194/CW153.4/GW140
It's never too late to be who you might have been. ~George Eliot  



on 4/2/11 10:58 am - Littlerock, CA
VSG on 03/28/11 with
  GREAT NSV!!!'ve done so well!  You are either working really well with that sleeve, or it is working really well with you.  Love to see such great results because it gives me hope!!!  I hate shopping too, for the reason as you, so I don't feel so alone out there!  Thanks for sharing and best wishes as you continue on your journey,  Viv 


(deactivated member)
on 4/2/11 11:34 am - Canada
Good for you! What a feeling hey.....Nothing better than a great sale!. I'm still in the looking mode not trying on or buying new stuff. You give me hope! Enjoy! ~Cheryl