3 weeks post-op too soon to travel?

on 4/3/11 11:06 am
VSG on 04/12/11 with
 I need some advice from folks who have recently had their surgery.  I'm debating on whether to book an out of country business trip three weeks after my surgery.  

Is it realistic to be able to handle the travel and 3 days of meetings or am I being naive?

I'm young, strong and confident in my ability to heal (maybe too confident).  

I'm going to talk to my surgeon's office tomorrow but just want to get a sense of how you felt 3 weeks out.  

on 4/3/11 11:09 am
I'm not young, but probably could have done it. I was still tired at the end of the day and if you have business meals, plan on soup. Good luck!
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Bernadette S.
on 4/3/11 11:13 am - MI
I am only  1-1/2 weeks out and I think I could do it.  I think it depends on the individual.  Walking and stretching on the plane would be a must - and yes, your food choices are limited.  Just take your protein and your vitamins with you and you should be fine.

I am traveling out of state in another week - not quite the same as air travel - but driving for 6 hours.

Enjoy your trip (if you decide to go).

Lisa D.
on 4/3/11 11:49 am - New Orleans, LA
I am 50, young, strong, and confident, too.  I was back to work in a week and could have gone anywhere except I was working so much!  You should do well.  Attitude is more than half the battle.
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on 4/3/11 12:28 pm
I have travelled quite a bit since my surgery.  The first time was 4 weeks out and I was on a feeding tube (long story).  I was VERY tired at the end of the day but I managed.  My son had to be at the Mayo Clinic so I had no choice but to make it work.  The next major trip was at 12 weeks out and we were back at the Mayo.  I did very well that time and luckily my energy was really good and I was able to adapt any foods.  I also have travelled short day trips throughout this journey with no problems.  It just takes some planning and some positive attitudes.  Good luck!

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on 4/3/11 2:08 pm - TX
Hate to be a Debbie Downer here - but you won't be able to lift your suitcase... Eating was still a challenge for me 3 weeks out. I think you'll FEEL fine - but the suitcase and food (or drink) could be somewhat difficult.
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