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on 4/5/11 11:06 pm - NJ
Hi I am new to this site. I am a 56 year old female. I am 270lbs besides my weight problem I have arthritis in both knees. I am interested in getting the vertical sleeve but I am scared because of my age. Then I am scared because of how overweight I am.  wheel chair. I cry all the time. I worry that my obesity will turn and make me a burden to my daughter when I get older.

I  am hoping to hear from other 56 yr olds that have gotten the surgery.  are the3ye happy they got it?

Please respond,

on 4/5/11 11:58 pm - MI
I am 55 and weighed 258 lbs two weeks ago at my PCP's office. I cannot wait to have this surgery! There are many people on this forum who are over 50 and even 60. I decided that at 55 it was about time to do something about my weight problem so that I would no longer be in pain and get my health back on track. It's never too late for a second chance!
on 4/7/11 3:44 pm - NJ
Hi Herbie,

When are you having your surgery? I am going to a seminar on tuesday and then hopefully I can get started the battery of tests I hear you need to have done. I only hope I pass them all!

on 4/7/11 9:58 pm - MI
I am hoping for the 21st. I am self-pay as my insurance excludes anything to do with weight loss. It's still taking a good deal of time to get everything done as far as primary doctor check up and tests etc. I am only waiting for a call from the surgeons office to confirm the date.
Good luck on your journey!
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on 4/6/11 12:00 am, edited 4/6/11 12:00 am
I am 58 with liver disease (3rd stage) reynauds, RSD and CREST and very painful joints. I had the surgery three weeks ago and I am already finding it easier to get up and down, I have less pain in my knees already. It is not gone of course as I just had surgery three weeks ago but I can tell it is getting better. I am very pleased to have gotten the surgery and I know its going to add years to my life. I will be able to do things I have not been able to do in years and I will be able to do them in a matter of months. I would do it again in a flash.
on 4/6/11 12:05 am - Decatur, GA
VSG on 08/07/08 with
I was 55 when I had the surgery and 265 pounds.  Lousy knees, lousy back, etc.  I did great and did not have a single problem!  I wouldn't trade my sleeve for all the money in the world.  It saved my life.  I have had a small weight gain over the past year following an illness unrelated to my weight or sleeve, but when I get back to eating healthy, which my sleeve helps me do, the weight will come back off.  This surgery is wonderful!

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on 4/6/11 12:44 am
VSG on 09/01/08 with
I am 61 years old now and love my sleeve.  I have arthritis in my spine, right hip, hands and wrist.  I still have the pain each day but I am able to handle it much better.  This I truly believe, the VSG will give me a longer life of independence.  That was and is one of my goals.  To be able to live at home and take care of myself as long as possible.  Best of luck to you on your journey.

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on 4/6/11 1:18 am - Littlerock, CA
VSG on 03/28/11 with
Good morning Suzanne...I am 58 and was sleeved a week ago yesterday.  I have arthritis in my knees and hands (and probably a few other places too!), plus a condition called polymyalgia rheumatica (which is an autoimmune system condition).  The doc discovered that I had gastric polyps when he was doing pre-op testing for another procedure, and his advice was that the VSG was the best procedure considering my set of cir****tances, which is why I waited so long for THIS surgery.  When I started this journey my weight was 277.  (My highest was 283).  The morning before surgery, I weighed 257.  This morning was 250.2 in my jammies.  I waited a very long time for this surgery because our insurance co didn't start to approve it until late 2010, & I couldn't afford to "just pay for it".

I am not just happy, I am OVERJOYED that I had the procedure.  For the first time in many years, I really BELIEVE I stand a chance in the battle of weight, which will have so many positive repercussions on the quality of my life.  This is a great website for information and support from a great group of kind, compassionate people who have walked or are walking in your shoes,.

If you would like to read my story, I invite you to click on my picture and read my blog page.  Best wishes as you continue to consider all your options,   Viv 


on 4/6/11 1:20 am - Alvaton, KY
I was 65 and 20 days when I had my surgery done.  My ONLY regret is that I didn't have it done a LOT sooner than I did.  I weighed a LOT more than you do, and now I am at a normal weight and maintaining at that level without any problem.

You are still a youngster.  Relax, it will be a Godsend for you.

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on 4/6/11 2:10 am - MN
You're SO young! I turn 60 next week and was sleeved a month ago. I feel fabulous! I went with the sleeve because I didn't want the malabsorption of RNY. With a sleeve I have a fully-funcioning stomach and all my parts are where they should be. Your age should not, repeat not, be an issue.  

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