Strange pains/tightness under my left ribcage

on 4/24/11 1:04 am
VSG on 04/12/11 with
I'm a week and a half post op and on thin liquids. Last night when I was laying on my back I had this strange pain (not super painful maybe a 3/10) under my left breast/ribcage. It was a nagging discomfort and felt tight, the tightness even radiated to the middle of my chest.

I could relieve the feeling by changing position and sleeping on my side but while on my back it would get a little worse with each breath.

Right before I took a pepcid and bit the pill into small pieces but I wonder if the sharp edges of the little pill bits agitated my sleeve.

This isn't the first time I've had this sensation. I'm able to get all my liquids in but don't take tiny sips. I take the same sized swallows as I did pre- op. Before I thought it might have been caused by drinking too fast.

Anyone else go through this?
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on 4/24/11 1:12 am - enid, OK
I haven't had surgery yet but I'm an RN and my surgeon told me that the left incision would be the most tender as that's the one that they take the gastric reminant out.  As far out as you are, I can't imagine that it is anything serious unless you develope fever.  You may also be haveing a bit of an irritable gallbladder.  Just what I can think of off the top of my head.  Also, I would crush my meds.   Good luck!
on 4/24/11 1:13 am
Yes, me!  From week 2 to week 3 I had almost the same exact pain.  Also, starting at week 2.5, I had pretty bad incision pain in my left side due to sutures that hadn't yet disolved.  Happy to report ALL of those pains are gone!  Give it a bit more are still healing.  But, if things continue to bother you, the pain is constant or gets worse, don't be afraid to call your surgeon's office.  Good luck to you!
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on 4/24/11 1:17 am
I had the same thing what I found out is that my coughing post op pulled a muscle in my chest.
I got a antiimflamatory patch and within a day it was gone.  I have some bronchitis and after surgery my oxygenation was low so I got some respiratory treatment to help and coughed alot.
on 4/24/11 1:24 am
VSG on 04/12/11 with
Thanks for sharing your experiences! While I don't feel like anything is terribly wrong it's a weird/new sensation. I really hope it goes away in a week.
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on 4/24/11 1:27 am - NY
i am about 2.5 weeks out too
and i also have just a slight "soreness" in that region
not real PAIN
but soreness, esp when i move in certain ways
I, too, am freaked out that it means something more serious

but.....considering that this is basically the ONLY pain I've had throughout this
entire process, my rational side kicks in and i suspect it's just some mild tenderness

I know (or at least I speak for myself) that there is this ongoing fear of something dire -- especially a leak.

But I also know from all of my research and talking with my surgeon that a leak is VERY serious and it's unlikely we'd be questioning the symptoms.

So I am just letting myself feel the anxiety, but also reminding my inner freak-out that I've just had a pretty intense operation and that lingering discomfort, etc is pretty normal.

My Dr said that we are not really fully healed inside until 4-6 weeks, so......

Praying for a speedy recovery for us all..
on 4/24/11 4:18 am - SIlver Spring, MD
VSG on 04/04/11 with
I was very sore in under my lower ribs in my diaphram. They saiud it was cause they were digging around in there. Made sense to me. It is gotten better (3 weeks out). I have really had to work on my breathing. I tend to breathe shallow when not paying attention and it doesn't help relax that part. I imagine the tise going in and out as I breathe.
I also found any pills uncomfortable so have switched to all chewables. I use GasX after a bad experience with my Titralac which I have been taking forever. GasX was very effective. Haven't needed it since a few days post-op.
Hope it gets better, if not call Dr. tomorrow.
Happy Easter.
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