What would YOU do?

on 4/26/11 6:44 am, edited 4/27/11 12:48 pm - FL
The worse thing that could happen right now...

Imagine this; you're done with ALL surgery pre-requisites, you're on the pre-surgery list, and in about two months you'll be on the Optifast diet... SO CLOSE to surgery. Right there! Then you get a phone call.

The hospital where your surgeon is doing your VSG has stopped taking your insurance. Nothing at all can be done. YOUR SURGERY IS CANCELLED. ...I cannot tell you how freaked out I am right now. I got the call this afternoon, and I am just shocked. Utterly nauseated. Speechless all day; until now. I have a knot in my throat.

My hope is that SOMEONE somewhere will take my insurance and get me sleeved as I so urgently need. I've had no luck searching online for Doctors in Miami, Florida accepting my insurance (Medicaid Medipass.)

I really need to vent this right now. Mostly, I really need to believe. I trust in God and I know things sometimes happen for a reason... but I am so scared right now. I mean, what if God has another plan for me that doesn't include my VSG?! I hope that isn't the case. I don't know what I'd do! I'm gonna have to just push forward; my faith holding me up.

In the meantime... are there any post-ops in South Florida with Medicaid Medipass? Anyone that knows someone? Anyone that knows anything? Oh my...

Ah crap...now I'm crying.

UPDATE 4/26/11:
After sifting through the ten Doctors here in Florida... I have unpleasantly discovered that NONE take my insurance.

After careful consideration...ONLY ONE option is available to me: Gastric Bypass (RNY)... the one thing I never considered (because of my family history of anemia and bone problems)...the one surgery that terrifies me. My only option. I've researched and planned on my VSG for three years! ...Now, it isn't an option for me. Wow.
I swear I have NO idea what to do. ...What would YOU do?

I mean I cannot stay fat and disabled. Maybe I should meet some post-op RNYers for questions etc... Yikes!

To my VSG friends: What would YOU do??? ::smooch::

update 4/27/11
Today, the surgeon's office explained that the actual surgeons aren't taking the medicaid. The hospitals DO; but the surgeons don't get paid for their work. I was advised the same thing by the head of admitting at JMH. Basically, the surgeons require cash or regular health insurance for the VSG. There are only two surgeons willing to do my WLS at all; and they only offer the RNY with my insurance. Other than that, I have no other choice. At this point, I'm stuck between RNY or nothing at all.

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on 4/26/11 6:47 am - holt, MO
 I would take my time and see if any other options come up.   A full bypass is a big deal.
on 4/26/11 6:55 am - Ballston Lake, NY
VSG on 05/12/11 with
 Can you go to another area of Florida for out of network benefits?? That's what I'm doing...I'm going out of area but still in my state of NY, because nobody local was doing very many sleeves at all.. 

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Lisa D.
on 4/26/11 7:05 am - New Orleans, LA
At the top of this board it says "find a bariatric surgeon"  Click there and enter FLA and there appear to be a slew of them in FLA.  There are more than 10 in the New Orleans area!  Good luck!
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on 4/26/11 7:42 am - NY
Is it the doctor or the hospital? Maybe the doctor still works in another facility?
on 4/26/11 9:44 am - Kenner, LA
I did a search on the top of this forum for medicaid and FL, and I got a doctor named  KFIR BEN -DAVID he is in Gainsville, FL..

When I found that page it was on the RNY forum, so you might want to call and see if he will except Medicaid for the sleeve..   Not sure if this is the right phone number or not but here is the one that was on google.com

(352)265-2504.. I hope this helps Amy..

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on 4/27/11 1:08 pm - Patterson, NY
So Sorry girl!  There has to be a loophole or way around this!  Are you in a position to finance the surgeons portion of the bill?  I assume if the hospital accepts your ins.  then all meds/anesthesiologist/etc should be covered.....your surgeons bill may not be as expensive as everything all together.  Just a thought.  Do you have to have surgery in FL?  Im not familiar with Medicaid, but isnt that a federal ins. and not state?  You might want to wait a few months before making the decision to go ahead with a RNY, sometimes these dr's re negotiate with ins co's. And decide to accept again.  UGH  this totally sucks!  Hang in there, everything happens for a reason.