Complications anyone?

on 4/26/11 5:33 am - NY
Just trying to talk myself back into the surgery I have scheduled for tomorrow
on 4/26/11 5:42 am - NY
Well tis is good if no one reports any!?
Tina C.
on 4/26/11 5:51 am - Stacy, MN
Not sure how long you have been on here but I have been following for a while now and do not hear of too many complications at all!  I think the percentage rate for complications is 1% for VSG.  I am still going to my psych appts but can't wait to be on the losers bench!!!  I wish you luck with your surgery if you go thru with it...
on 4/26/11 5:54 am - NY
Yes thanks I have only been back on a few days. The statistics are good for the procedure I guess i am just freaking out lol
on 4/26/11 6:02 am
VSG on 04/21/11 with
Hey girl! I just got sleeved last Thursday. I seriously contemplated canceling up until 10am that say my check in was at noon. No one can tell you to do it. But I can tell you I made it, feel great, glad I did it. Take the leap.
on 4/26/11 6:05 am - NY
Thanks for the support, I am really freaking out for sure
on 4/26/11 6:10 am - OH
I had mine 3 weeks ago. No complications at all. I hurt like hell the day of but after that I feel great just remember once you are allowed, sip tha****er like your life depends on it. It will save you from some pretty uncomfortable situations later. Two of them being nausea and constipation. Good Luck, you'll feel better after the surgery it is well worth it. 
Jennifer M.
on 4/26/11 6:25 am - Goodyear, AZ
 Im almost 2 weeks out and no problems really. It's an adjustment but one worth making. For me I had a lap band at one time and it was terrible!! This, so far, is easier by far than the band. 
The worst I have seen on here is someone needing their gall bladder removed. Not a big deal :)

 ...a work in progress...    
on 4/26/11 6:50 am - TX
Surgery is easy.  It's what comes after that's hard work.

Yes, there are complications, but they're rare.  The most serious are leaks and blood clots.  Not a lot you can do about a leak except stick with your eating plan after surgery.  If you have one, it probably happened in surgery.  To avoid blood clots, make sure you get up and walk as often as possible.  If your hospital is like mine, they put these compression leggings on you that will squeeze your legs to avoid clots.

Chances are you'll breeze through the surgery.  Honestly, I had minimal pain, little gas, never had a problem drinking or eating, never had nausea.  I think my experience is more the norm than the exception.  Any pain or discomfort you feel is fleeting in the big scheme of things, a few moments to a few days.  And you'll feel better every day.  So, pull up your big girl panties and march yourself into the hospital tomorrow and GIT 'ER DONE!
(deactivated member)
on 4/26/11 6:58 am - Underwood, ND
I'm almost 3 weeks out and have had no issues at all other than some nausea until day 3.  I had no pain at all, didn't use any pain meds int he hospital or once I came home.  Incisions are almost healed up and I'm feeling great!  You'll do worries!