Super Strict Pureed Diet

on 5/5/11 12:06 am
I wasn't too scared of the pureed diet originally. I read about people making it on refried beans/cheese, the ricotta bake from Eggface, blended Wendy's chili, and none of that sounded bad.

So imagine my sadness when I get the pureed diet guide from my dietician and none of these things are allowed. No cheese, meat and starches and veggies have to be served separately, so chili is out, no sauces other than Walden Farms calorie free ones, v8 juice, or greek yogurt, etc.

What would you guys do in this situation? I went to Costco last night and I came up with a few ideas that might not be too bad, but I was super excited for the ricotta bake and it seems like everyone swears by it. I also don't want to do anything my surgeon doesn't say I can do. Would you follow it to a "T" or would you try out some pureed chili every once in a while?
on 5/5/11 12:15 am

I am sure that my following statement is not likely. However, I never asked or researched it so that I could successfully convince myself. Prior to surgery, I convinced myself that if I didn't follow the types and quantity of liquid/food my surgeon required that I would tear my small stomach. Again, I have never heard of this and  it's probably a little extreme thinking, but it is the only way I have been able to make sure I follow the rules. I am head strong, I got fat by doing what I want regardless of consequences. I have now convinced myself that there are consequences that are just no longer worth the taste of breaking the rules. But hey, this is just my opinion. To each his own.

Try adding protein powder to the greek yogurt. It tastes decent, it is filling, and is packed with protein.

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on 5/5/11 12:16 am
Every surgeon is different. I was allowed to eat those things with the exception of the ricotta cheese I was able to eat fat free or low fat cheese and chili was really the only thing I could tolerate. That saved me but, with that being said I have followed my nut plan to the T. I would follow the plan the goal is that we succeed. It is only for a short time.
on 5/5/11 1:16 am
I was told when wanting a certain food really bad....put it in your mouth and chew it up and then SPIT IT OUT!  Do this 3 times and then rinse your mouth it.

The craving is in your head unfortunetly, and it really is quite hard to spit the food out.  I had to spit out an oreo and wow it was like giving up a child! lol  However, it does get rid of the cravings and it helps satisfy the desire.  I did this when I was on the hCG diet and I didn't crave those foods again and really haven't since....except the movie theater popcorn.  That always gets me.  I'm scared to death to go to the movies after my surgery!  Hope this helps :)
on 5/5/11 1:22 am
Oh I thought that was good too, until I actually did it, haha. I don't so much have a problem spitting it out, but I kinda automatically swallow a tiny bit in the back of my throat when I chew. I don't know if this is what happens to everyone or if I took too big of a bite or if I'm just weird, but I did it once and while nothing bad ended up happening, I'm far too scared of it to do it again.

My issue isn't so much a craving for chili or anything, but that I know a ton of people on the board do blended chili or the ricotta bake during their pureed phase, and my plan doesn't allow for it. Probably mostly just whining, sadly. I know that the best thing to do is follow the plan I was given, regardless of what other people were allowed.
on 5/5/11 1:35 am
Call me a rebel but when I was told to puree my food I pureed the things I wanted.  No one told me you can't have this or that but rather they said there were certain things I should avoid, i.e. high fat foods, stringy foods, etc.  I did avoid those but most foods were non-restricted so long as they where pureed or mushed.  Call your NUT and ask direct questions about your chili and riccota bake.  I'll bet there is some allowance for them in moderation.
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