Bye Bye Inches!

on 5/10/11 11:08 am - MN
Well, so far I hadn't been brave enough to measure myself since before surgery.  Don't really know why, guess I just thought there wouldn't be that much of a change.  However, after finally getting out the old measuring tape and strapping it on several parts of my body, it was not so bad.  I have lost 16&1/2inches.  Yeah!!!


So far, I have lost 21 pounds since surgery. Wow, just never thought I would actually be able to say that.  Can't wait for the numbers to keep going down!!

Just wanted to say thanks for all the encouragement and advice.  OH is the best!

sleeve genie
on 5/10/11 11:49 am - Alhambra, CA
Great job sweetie,  it really is so great,  and hard to believe how quickly our bodies can change    keep up the great work,  it just keeps on getting better and better  :o) jeani
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on 5/10/11 5:38 pm - MI
WTG Brenda!!!