Letter to myself - Pre-Ops - Idea for the night before surgery

on 5/11/11 1:00 pm - Minneapolis, MN
I mentioned this in response to a post earlier today, and it was suggested that I post this for newbies and pre-ops.

The night before my surgery, I wrote a "Dear CC" letter to myself, outlining the reasons that I'm doing the VSG, and my hopes for the following year. I listed all of the negatives about being morbidly obese, what my restrictions were, how I felt being so big, etc. The idea is that if I won't forget how I was living before surgery.  I plan on opening the letter once I hit goal or hit my 1 year surgiversary.

I got the idea for this from a fellow VSGer (I can't remember who, I'm sorry - but thank you!) who opened theirs on their one year surgiversary. I loved it so much I made sure to do it myself.

On a different note, I also wrote a "in case anything should happen to me..." letter to my family that serves as a very informal will (who gets my cat, etc) and explained why I was undergoing surgery.

Anyway, I hope that helps someone! To all those pre-ops and newbies, good luck!
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on 5/11/11 1:02 pm
 love this idea!
sleeve genie
on 5/11/11 1:12 pm - Alhambra, CA
its a great idea,  i often tell people to make a list of why they are doing this so they can focus on all the positives and not dwell on the fears   :o) jeani
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on 5/11/11 1:17 pm - Minneapolis, MN
Highest Weight (2008): 360  Surgery Consult Weight: 340  Day of Surgery: 318
Height: 5'10"
on 5/11/11 2:07 pm - Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis
great idea cc..

the only thing i wrote was in case i died- it was a threat sheet stating where my pets would go and if they didnt get there hautings would abound....

wish i had your letter written too!

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on 5/12/11 12:29 am - Minneapolis, MN
My cat's well-being was one of my top concerns!
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on 5/11/11 3:45 pm - Harbor City, CA
Fantastic idea to write a letter the night before surgery and then pick it up again.
I only wish I would have done this.

I did this in the beginning of options and when we graduated we read our letters.  very

thank you so much for posting this.     Everyone that hasnt had surgery yet......   write some sort of feeling letter, good-bye,  where your at,  Anything letter....

good job CC ..  thanks for posting

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on 5/11/11 3:51 pm - IL
My surgery date is May 17th.  Im totally doing this!!  Love the idea.  Thanks for sharing.  Hate the idea of a "Just in case" letter though.  :(  Makes me sad.  I guess I better add it too though.  Thanks again!
on 5/12/11 12:28 am - Minneapolis, MN
Yeah, I know, the "just in case" letter wasn't exactly uplifting, but it's done now and god forbid anything should happen to me in the future, my family knows my wishes (e.g. I want a headstone, the music I want at my funeral, and who gets my cat!). I'm single and didn't really see the need for an actual will - I trust my family to abide by my wishes.

Good luck with your surgery!
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on 5/12/11 12:42 am
I thought about doing this before my surgery, but I ended up not doing it because I just didn't want to think about something like that happening. I handled the inner "Oh my god what if I die?" thoughts okay, but I knew that if I started writing a letter to my boyfriend or my mom I would freak out. For someone that could handle it I think it would be a great idea, but I just couldn't!