Stall Broken and First NSVs!

on 5/16/11 5:52 am
It's finally over!

I'd been in a stall for about three weeks and I was going crazy. I listened to the boards, though, and kept telling myself that it was normal and it would break at some point, and it finally did! Weighed myself this morning and I'm at 187 (226 HW and 206 SW). I've blown past the first goal of getting under 200, and I'm 4 pounds away from my second goal of weighing less than my boyfriend.

As far as NSVs go, the first one I had was when my boyfriend, who has always been supportive of this as long as it was for my health and not looks, said "Wow, you look thinner" for the first time. We went on a movie date this weekend and I decided to try on a few things from the back of my closet that haven't fit in years. All of it was almost too big! Right now I'm living in Old Navy summer dresses since it's easier to do that than buy new pants/skirts every week.

One more NSV is that my boyfriend is amazingly supportive and understanding. I'm still on pureed foods and mentioned that I might try to get some applesauce. He drove to Trader Joe's for me to find applesauce that "just had apples on the ingredient list". Such a good guy.

I love my sleeve!
on 5/16/11 5:57 am
VSG on 06/01/11 with
Fantastic!  Congratulations!  My surgery is in a couple of weeks.  I can't wait! 

Was wondering... what is NSV?  I've seen it around a few times but wasn't sure... is it non surgical victories?
on 5/16/11 6:00 am
I was super confused the first few days, too. It means "Non-scale victory". Any victory you have that isn't a lower number.