on 5/24/11 5:10 am
I just went to my surgeon's office to be move to (what I thought was) mushy foods. Turns out I was wrong, and it's actually a limited solid diet (no uncooked veggies, stuff like that)!

I'm currently eating hibachi shrimp and veggies (about 3-4 oz), and it is MANNA FROM HEAVEN!


Oh my goodness! I was doing fine on purees, had gotten used to it, and I wasn't even anticipating this move too much, but it's so nice to have texture again!

on 5/24/11 5:14 am - TX
Yummy! I eat alot of shrimp! Shrimp, fish, smoked sausage, and steak.  Hamburger meat and chicken don't like me anymore!  I am so happy you get to eat!!  Just remember chew chew chew!!!  And don't eat too fast - all 4 times I've thrown up it was due to that! 
(deactivated member)
on 5/24/11 6:11 am
VSG on 03/14/11 with
Congrats!  The first thing I had on solids was a bit of cucumber.  I just wanted to crunch something again!  Enjoy!  And yes, def take your time.  It's hard to slow down when you're so excited but def worth it!  Just more time to savor the flavor is how I see it
on 5/24/11 7:49 am
Hooray! for real food.....take it slow baby girl.  BTW...just outta curiosity....are you sensitive to how people pronounce your name....by chance?   If IRL I called you  uh-lish-ah....would that **** you off? just wonderin'.....my brain had to know...NOT me!   ha ha ! 

JIMBO...  350lbs! lost!.....  TRIPLE CENTURY CLUB!!  HELL ...YEAH!  
MY  VSG......KICKS ASS!                                                                                                                                                                                      

 I  am   6' 2"    

on 5/24/11 8:37 am
Haha, I'm actually not at all sensitive about it. My name is spelled Alysia but pronounced A-lish-ah instead of A-liss-A or A-lee-see-ah. I've gotten so used to people calling me one of those two that it doesn't bother me at all if someone pronounces it wrong. There are guys at work that still pronounce it the wrong way, and my last job took to caling me "Aly" just to avoid the confusion. The Ahleeeshah name was a creation of a friend of mine.

That's nothing, though, until you get to my last name. It has 11 letters and 4 of them are E.
on 5/24/11 9:28 am
so. envious.  still on liquids here...
~ Kim

Bruce S.
on 5/24/11 9:48 am - Portland, TN
Ditto on the liquids.  Starting to run out my ears...