Another Response from Premier Protein About Thickness

on 6/6/11 3:22 am
Last month was the first time I ended up with a bad box of Premier Protein shakes. I wasn't sure what all the fuss here was about, since all of mine had been fine. Then I got a box at Costco, went to drink one down, and I could only drink about 1/3 in before feeling gross because of how thick it was.

Costco was great and let me return both boxes. I got two more and had the same problem. The next time I went back, I opened a few boxes before leaving to see if I could hear a noise when I shook them (thanks to the poster who suggested that months ago), and the entire stack of cases was bad. I ended up having to drive to the next Costco over (luckily only about 30 minutes away) to find some that were good. The bad cases had an exp. date in March and May 2012, while the good ones were February and April 2012.

I wrote to Premier and they offered a free case, which is great, but I really wanted to know if this was going to be a consistent problem since I've seen so many people have issues. I wrote again with links to posts here with people talking about it, and this is the most detailed response I can get:

"We have altered the texture of our shakes to a ore thinner milk chocolate like texture, due to calls and email from our long time Customer stating that the shakes were so thick comparing them to a chocolate pudding. The change to thinner consistency  is  permanent."

I am just hoping that this means the bad stock will be gone soon and we'll be back to the thinner stuff we all love. I'm crossing my fingers for this outcome, since there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the dates of the bad ones.

P.S. I was allowed salad today for the first time, and it was DELICIOUS!
on 6/6/11 6:42 am
Thanks for the info. I am still pre-op, but I got my first batch of Premier shakes the other day. I tried one and it seemed thick to me, but not pudding thick! I assume this is the right consistency. I had also heard the comment about shaking the box. I hear a little bit of something, but not like a drink per se. I guess mine must be ok since I didn't think it tasted gross!!???

Thanks again!


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on 6/6/11 6:48 am
If you can shake the individual drink and hear anything, you're fine. With the thicker consistency, you hear nothing when you shake it.
on 6/6/11 8:52 am
I had the same problem with the shakes but about a month ago I started getting good, thinner, tastier ones from Costco again.

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on 6/6/11 9:22 am
Thanks for sharing the tip about shaking the shakes to know if they're ok or not.  I have 2 cases to take back; they're awful.  The longer I've had them, the thicker they've gotten.
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on 6/6/11 12:48 pm
VSG on 09/01/10 with
Hehe...I think that might be me referenced in your response from the company...I recently (last week) wrote an email to PP's customer service, regarding the consistency of the shake, and I compared it to pudding!  (it really was that stuck to my straw!).  I've been using these shakes since before surgery (almost 1 year), and this last case was the first one that had a bad consistency--I would read other people's complaints about thickness, and never knew what they were talking about! 

Since this bad batch, I have bought another case from Costco, and the shakes are good--yummy! :)

ps:  my bad batch had the older graphics on the case/container...the new case that is normal, has the new graphics. 

Good luck!
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