Let's talk about sex baby..

on 6/18/11 12:26 pm
booty strike LMAO!

on 6/18/11 1:39 pm - Austin, TX
LOL, this question is on my pre-op list of questions for my poor doctor tomorrow (yeah, I know, Sunday, was supposed to be Friday, but he got delayed on vacation). ANYWAY... hubby had a vasectomy a week and a half ago and right when he's cleared for sex again, I'll be rolling out of surgery.

LOL... We've been married for 18 years so we'll survive, but geez.

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Kristy R.
on 6/18/11 2:11 pm - Santa Clara, CA
 Heh, I was cleared after my 1 week check up.  However I didn't feel up, or want it until about 3 weeks out.  Er, the thought of an ****** kind of freaked me out so soon out - the muscle contractions and what not.  I don't know about you, but my ******s are like a full body event in which several demons also escape and my head rotates..just sayin'.
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on 6/18/11 2:53 pm - Blaine, MN
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My surgery booklet said 1 month.  I asked the surgeon in the hospital and he said two weeks but it has to be "gentle" sex.  I'm hoping my period will end soon!   If you have PCOS like me be prepared for that.  Mine started about 5 days post-op and it has been the worst cycle!  It won't stop!! Going on 6 days of heavy flow.
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on 6/18/11 2:54 pm - Hawaiian Gardens, CA
I waited till i got home from the hospital. Had a room that alot of people passed by everyday.


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on 6/18/11 11:55 pm - NY
From a nurse's perspective, I'm begging you, please don't have sex in the hospital! I've walked in on patients and their visitors gettin' busy and it's an awful experience... and I don't embarrass easily (for goodness sake I used to have a business selling sex toys!).

Please please please just wait the day or two until you get home! Or even in the car on the way home if you want, but not in the hospital! ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A ROOMMATE!!! I know that sounds obvious, but I'm just saying... it's been done. Sigh.

As for me, I did wait until I was home.

I think I felt ready for sex at about 8-10 days post-op but waited until about 14 days... and at 14 days it hurt my sensitive tummy afterwards with all of the bouncing etc. Just follow your gut (haha, no pun intended!) and do what feels comfortable for you!
on 6/19/11 12:22 am

Jennifer S.
on 6/19/11 1:36 am, edited 6/19/11 1:37 am - KS
 You'll know when you are ready...I think its different for everyone...but did want to mention that I found that some of the terriable gas pains and cramping I experienced after surgury were helped tremendously with an org**sm...not trying to be graphic..but wanted to pass on the tip......


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on 6/19/11 2:39 am - NJ
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 Notice how  many hits this message got?  he he he!  I can't remember how long I waited after surgery probably a week or two. (I think that my husband was dying a thousand deaths)!  But I just want to say that man o man the sex just gets even better with the weightloss!  Woo Hooo ladies! Saddle up!   
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