Two weeks postop progress. Need vitamin ideas!

on 6/20/11 7:13 am - VA

I got my sleeve two weeks ago today.  I healed up very well, and had no problem staying hydrated.  The worst part wasn't the incisions but the allergy to the steri-strips -- I got a nasty itchy red sore patch over ea*****ision.  I'm fine now after using some strong cream for several days.  Then in the second week I came down with a terrible cold.  The worst was the powerful sneezes that hurt my stomach.

Now I'm over that and happily starting on pureed foods at the 2 week mark.  So far everything goes down okay.  I can eat about 6 oz of yogurt or SF pudding or the like.  Cottage cheese is more dense and I can only eat 2-3 table spoons.  I'm eating about 600 calories a day and it's plenty.  I'm down about 9 pounds in two weeks, which is less than some new sleevers but fine with me. 

Mostly, I've been SO happy to find that I no longer am hungry all the time.  That relentless need to eat is gone.  I still want to eat at times, but it's nothing like before.  I have been delivered!

One problem I have is I truly hate my chewable vitamins (bariatric advantage berry)!  They made me puke the other night.  I've got to find some alternative.  I like the Costco gummies but they're incomplete.  I also hate the Centrum liquid and chewables, and in any case they're incomplete, too, according to my nut.  Don't have the right kind of iron.  I have yet to try a chewable multi I can stand.  So far I'm doing well with my calcium chews, it's just the multi.

How long did you wait until you could swallow regular multivitamins? They're pretty big.  I tried cutting mine into small pieces, but then the edges are sharp and they don't go down well.  How worried should I be if my vitamins aren't totally complete right away?

Any suggestions?

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on 6/20/11 8:36 am - Fullerton, CA
Target has adult gummy vitamins I take, however, now that I'm 3 months out I think I'm going back to the "normal" kind that I can just swallow. I was told not to even worry about vitamins till about week 3 or 4, obviously try and get them in but if you can't I was told my body would be ok for a short period with out them

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on 6/20/11 10:07 am - VA
Thanks! It's a relief to know I have a little time before I have to make this work.  I'll ask my nut her opinion.
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on 6/20/11 8:42 am - Greenwood, IN
I take bariatric advantage vanilla chews led. I hate them. But, I found I can tolerate them if I eat them in a bite of something creamy- a teaspoon of cream cheese, or cottage cheese. That takes away the chalky taste. I ran out a week ago and tried to cut a centrum in two and swallow it. It made me dry heave horribly- the first time it has happened to me- at 7 weeks out.
on 6/20/11 10:09 am - VA
Thanks for the tip.  It is that chalky nasty texture as much as the taste that I hate.  I will try this!
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on 6/20/11 12:24 pm
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I take the Spectrative chewables from CVS (and they often have buy one get one free). Tastes like Flinstones (but for adults!) to me .
on 6/21/11 6:02 am - MN
I started taking my vitamins 2 weeks post op. I take 2 chewable or gummy flinstone completes, 3 calcium chews w/vitamin D, 2 sublingula B-12 (they just melt under your tongue) and then 2 chewy vitamin D3 each day. Got it all at Walmart! :-)