How come my ticker won't show up

on 7/3/11 5:40 am
I've selected it to be my signature and post it to my profile. it never shows up.
on 7/3/11 5:49 am - Granada Hills, CA
Make sure there aren't any spaces above the ticker...mine wasn't showing up but i had too much space between a line of text and the ticker. - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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on 7/3/11 5:57 am
 • Signatures cannot be taller than 144 pixels (two inches), and Flash is not allowed in your signature. 

that's what it keeps saying but the little box below it has nothing in there so i don't understand why it would even show.
Jah Bless 
on 7/3/11 8:32 am - Lincoln, NE
Did you click the boxes to add to profile and the box saying add to messageboard signature?
Rich Sonderegger
on 7/3/11 10:14 am
 yes. i've done all that. idk why it isn't working
Jah Bless 
on 1/15/14 9:55 am - Canada
VSG on 12/05/13
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