I'm switching my surgeon and it's last minute. (Mexico)

on 7/5/11 7:30 am
 I was originally schedule with Dr.kelly but the VST board has me so scared. A woman posted that a woman in her early 30's died last month because he has nicked an organ or artery. I then contact my patient coordinator who is the nicest woman. She did not deny the death to me and neither did the doctor. They both gave comforting words and said it was a pulmonary embolism, and that it was the first fatality they ever had. This hasn't been sitting right with me at all. I wanted to get a doppler ultrasound to make sure I didn't have any blood clots but my PCP is 2hrs away from me. ( I live on a college campus and that's where my PCP is. however, i'm home for vacation). Then on the VST a woman claimed that Dr.Kelly is lying and she has been in touch with the victims family who had an autopsy and pulmonary embolism was not the reason for death. She died because he body had gone into shock from loss of blood. I don't know if this is true or not. I would hope that a medical professional would not lie. I think Dr. Kelly is great and has changed many lives. However, this is my first surgery ever and it's scary. Learning this makes the reality of it even worse. I hope that by switching to Dr. Aceves I am making a good decision. I know this could happen to anyone, but I'm freaking out and there's always three sides to a story. I don't know who to believe.
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on 7/5/11 7:40 am - Canada
best of luck i am in mexico right now just sleeved by dr.joya in Peurto Vallarta...and it was an amazing experience...keep us posted...just make sure you follow doctors orders preop and you will do great...that minimizes the risks and ask lots of questions....

i want to say that sometimes we have a habit of reading on these boards and we get scared...i was one of them i was having ryn and after reading and reading i changed my mind....do your research make sure its someone you are comforatable with...and talk to people who have went through the experience with the doctor you choose....have faith you will be okay...

I cried all the way to the operating room, because i have two small children and i had read so much...but i was in good hands and i new my new life was just beginning...its overwhelimg so make sure you have  a great support system...it also put my mind at ease because i had friends that had used dr.joya...

ask fellow sleevers about their experience there is a  thread on surgery in mexico on here...

Take care
on 7/5/11 7:43 am - CA
 At the end of the day, you have to do what feels right for you. You cant live with regrets or what ifs.
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on 7/5/11 7:52 am
I'm so sorry to hear about the news. I know I was having my fears and doubts about surgery. Until I realize that any surgery is a risk. That's why you are informed before surgery of the possibilities. And of course no one wants to die. Im sure now since you have heard about this happening its kinda of  hard to keep the schedule. I hope whatever you decide to do that you make the best choice for yourself. Take care.
on 7/5/11 7:57 am - TX

I can only add that Dr. Aceves did an excellent job and I would go back in a split second and do it all over again.  The entire experience was great!!

You must have piece of mind with your decision and be comfortable with your surgeon.






on 7/5/11 8:53 am - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I betcha they all have horror stories!!!...I lived to tell mine!!

Go with what makes you feel right!!!



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on 7/5/11 9:00 am
I haven't had surgery yet, but am scheduled with Dr. Aceves.  It's so hard to choose the right doctor.  It's funny, because if I could afford it or have insurance pay, I'd just go to my local bariatric surgeon.  I'd probably make sure I checked into him and make sure he had a good reputation, but I don' think I'd be soooo anxious about my decision.  There is a certain amount of distrust I find myself having only because of the uncertainty of going to Mexico.  I chose Dr. Aceves because of his experience and the facility where he practices, and his track record. That doesn't mean that I probably couldn't go somewhere else and be fine. Every doctor makes mistakes.  I'm in the medical field and I have seen it happen to even the most respected surgeons. However, it is still scary to go to one who you know has had a patient die on his table, but it happens... even to the best of them.  I think it is perfectly human to question your original choice after finding out new information on this doctor.  Best of luck to you and I hope you find peace in your new decision/doctor.
on 7/5/11 10:14 am
I agree with lulu and every surgeon has their horror stories.  It could happen to a healthy lean person having any type of surgery.  Some doctors may not want the accident to show up on their record and from what you said they are not denying there was a death.  They just don't want to put the fear into other patients and I am sure from others on here that he has great success with the majority of his surgeries. 
on 7/5/11 10:26 am - baldwinsville, NY
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on 7/5/11 10:26 am
Every surgeon who has practiced for long enough has had a leak or death or both.. even mine.. but I would take what is said by a stranger on a message board with a healthy sized grain of salt. You need to do what is best for you, and your comfort level. I asked about the complication rates from Dr. Aceves' office and they provided them with no hesitation. I can tell you I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend him, but no one can promise anyone that they will not be the tiny statistic that has an issue.

Being nervous is totally normal, being aware of the risks is smart, just don't freak too much at what an anonymous person posts.. 
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