No more surgery.

on 7/6/11 2:08 pm
 I'm heart broken honestly. My family tried everything they could to stop and they won. I'm going to have to get a new insurance company and go through my insurance. Going to mexico just doesn't sit well with them. I know that I would be okay, but I hate seeing people who care about me cry and lose sleep. I just want to crawl in a cave and cry my life away.
Jah Bless 
amanda D.
on 7/6/11 2:18 pm - Stayton, OR
Aw man that really sucks!  But look at it this way, when it is meant to happen it will happen just the way it was suppose to.  I had 3 "doors" slam in my face during this whole process, and i felt let down, discouraged, pissed off...etc. 

But what puts your families mind at ease.....well sometimes it just sucks ass.

best of luck to you .
on 7/6/11 2:20 pm
So sorry for you, Sweetie...  Can I ask how old you are?  You do look young.  If you have the means, the money and the time, get the sleeve in Mexico if that's what you want.  It's your life, you are in control and your family needs to love and support you no matter what you do. 

I hope this works out for you.  ((HUGs))
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on 7/6/11 2:44 pm
 I'm 21. I do have the money, and everything. However, my family members don't feel too good about me going alone. They also said they've been having bad dreams about it. It just doesn't feel right. Maybe i'm overreacting. I think it's just because its in Mexico. If it was in the US i think they would be at ease.
Jah Bless 

on 7/6/11 2:57 pm
Since your surgery is scheduled for a couple of days from now, does that mean you already had everything paid for as far as surgery and transportation?? If so, do you get money back? Maybe they'll come around at the last minute... or could someone accompany you there?

on 7/6/11 3:37 pm - CA
I cant even imagine girl! Im sure a lot of families feel that way. I guess you have to do what you have to do but **** that sucks. You're a better chick than I am… Id be like "you're all ******g nuts, see in a week" hahahaha I hope it all works out for you…. thinking of you….
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on 7/6/11 3:55 pm
I know at 21 I had a very hard time trusting that I knew what was best for me and had the ability to make the right decision for myself.  But if your families concern matters that much to you, you have to follow your heart.

Since you have the money for doing it in Mexico, what about using that money to pay cash in the U.S., and finance the portion that you can't pay cash for?  I don't know what the financing terms are, but it is just about the same as a car loan, price wise.
GiGi W.
on 7/6/11 4:05 pm
I'm so sorry you feel so down, but I understand. You have been waiting and waiting for this, and it's only natural to feel disappointment. I think you're right, it's the Mexico thing. When I first started looking into this procedure, I mentioned Mexico to someone any they looked at me like I was NUTS. I don't see the big deal, but others do.

For what it's worth, I am in New Orleans, and it costs 13,500 at my local Dr. office for the sleeve. I know that's more than Mexico, but from what I read it IS a pretty good rate for the sleeve.

Their website is www . whyweight . com and they're called the Louisiana Surgical Specialists

Good luck with your journey, stay active here for support, this board is amazing!
on 7/6/11 5:53 pm, edited 7/9/11 11:55 pm
THIS. IS. YOUR. LIFE.  not your family's.   YOURS.   don't mean to sound harsh, but put your big girl panties on and do what you feel is right for you...   if  that is going to mexico - DO IT...

why does it matter that  "going to mexico doesn't sit well with them"????   this is your life, girlfriend, not theirs, and you have to do what is right for you.....

just sayin...


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on 7/9/11 3:17 pm - wasilla, AK
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