Thank you so much you are great!

Jeanne T.
on 8/2/11 11:08 pm
Good Morning and thanks for the encouragement again.  I felt so good after reading all the comments this morning.  Just a recap.  I was denied yesterday had a small melt down and you guys came through for me. This is such a wonderul place to be a part of.  I am going to take your advise and try and appeal.  The reason they gave was investigative.  I think that means experimental but they don't want to say it.
Anyway I have a call into the ins worker at the clinic and I'll see what she says.  There was an appeal letter from some one months ago on here just wondering if anyone has any idea who it was, or if anyone has any idea's.   Thanks again for the encouragement. 

on 8/2/11 11:45 pm - MN
Hi Jeanne,
Those darned denials, they suck. I do have an appeal letter on my page if you want to take a look at it. Hope it helps.
Hang in there. Everything will work out.
Best Wishes,
Ms. Poker Face
on 8/3/11 12:19 am
A few months ago, someone gathered a list of all the insurance companies that WILL approve it and do not see it as investigative/experimental.  They were going to use this in their appeal letter, but for the life of me, I can't remember who.


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Jeanne T.
on 8/3/11 12:25 am
Thank you for responding, I am getting fired up about this and hope to proceed as soon as possible.  Never say die!!!  You are all lifesavers!