Funny NSV

on 8/7/11 8:16 am, edited 8/6/11 8:26 pm - MN

The guys may not get the fun of this one like us women do (at least my husband doesn't), but I FINALLY weigh what my drivers license says!!! I think it has been way off for about 15 years. Hopefully it will soon say that I weigh more than I actually do!

Gotta find the joy in the little things too on this journey!!

Best Wishes,
on 8/7/11 8:25 am - MD
 Congratulations!  This is one I am going to add to my own goals. 
on 8/7/11 8:41 am
That is awesome!!!  I think I am about 6-7 lbs away now... it was NEVER accurate :-)