protein shakes

on 8/19/11 5:11 am - Houma, LA
can anyone tell me what kind of protein shakes i will be able to have after VSG?
on 8/19/11 5:15 am - NY
I'm allowed atkins....
Marcia B.
on 8/19/11 5:33 am - CA
my doctor says anything that is 200 calories or less, not more that 5 sugars or carbs, and a lot of protein 20g or more
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on 8/19/11 6:07 am
anything whey , and Premier shakes are sold at Costco and Sams 30gr protien 3 sugar 160 calorie . Good Luck to you!

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on 8/19/11 10:25 am
 I really like Pure Protein.  They are ready made and have 35 grams of protein.  I have only found them online.
Ms. Poker Face
on 8/19/11 11:30 am
High protein (>20g), low calorie (


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on 8/20/11 6:28 am - Houma, LA
Thanks everyone for all the help with this, i now have some idea of what i can have. can anyone let me know some brand names and stores that you like the best?