Stretch Marks

on 8/21/11 1:26 pm - Houma, LA

Does anyone have any ways to help with stretch marks? how can i make them look smaller and not as red?


on 8/21/11 1:45 pm
None of the magic potions work, at least not for me and my pastey whiteness.

It's damaged, scarred skin so nothing is every gonna fix mine.
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on 8/21/11 1:45 pm
They should fade with time. Although they'll still be there, they'll look silvery. I have a bumper crop thanks to pregnancies!

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on 8/21/11 1:48 pm
I've heard Retin A can help, but nothing short of cutting off that skin will get rid of them. Ask your dermatologist!
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on 8/21/11 1:55 pm - Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis
time will lessen their redness and make them way less noticeable, moisturizing creams like those with cocoa butter can also help their appearance (by hydrating the skin, but dont waste your money on those expensive gimmicks, they cannot penetrate skin layers as they claim), also being well hydrated (stay up on your fluids). but this damaged skin is made up of permanently damaged skin cells and will never replace with undamaged connective tissue. Short of cutting them off they will always be there.

If it makes you feel any better we ALL have them....small consolation.

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Ashley D.
on 8/21/11 10:26 pm
I've had really good results with Mederma!
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