protein pudding

on 8/28/11 5:09 am - Houma, LA
does anyone know how i can make protein pudding out of my whey protrin powder mix?
i am on the pre-op diet as follows

Breakfast::protein shake
snack: protein snack(protein bar, protein pudding, protein oatmeal, protein soup)
lunch; box entree 250-300 caloeries
snack:protein shake
dinner: box entree 250-300 calories
snack:protien snack, same as above snack

this id what i can have until my surgery
i just don't know how to make protrin pudding, oatmeal or
any help would be great

Ashley O.
on 8/28/11 5:21 am
get beneprotein. same maker as benefiber i believe, but beneprotein. make regular sf pudding. and just mix a scoop into your serving. it has absolutely no taste. and you can add the beneprotein to anything, not just pudding. soup, oatmeal, etc.. although if they're hot, wait till they're below 100 degrees or else it'll curdle.


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on 8/28/11 5:29 am
How much is beneprotein?
Ashley O.
on 8/28/11 5:52 am

one canister is 18 somthing i believe.. at walgreens anyway. you can buy it online in bulk, and it ends up being cheeper that way. i havent tried buying it online, though.

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle."

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on 8/28/11 5:44 am - MD
 I have used both unjury and protien max in sf pudding. Both have worked well for me. It is actually my current favorite way to get the protien in. 
on 8/28/11 6:02 am
Purchase any whey protein powder (I like Muscle Milk Chocolate and Vanilla and GNC's unflavored) and mix it with SF, FF instant pudding mix, then add milk as per instructions.  It does take longer for the pudding to set, but it's good and a good source of protein.

You can add protein powder to lots of things, you just have to remember that whey is from milk and can/will curdle if you heat too quickly or too much.  Examples:

- add a scoop of vanilla protein powder to weight control instant oatmeal, then add a little more water/milk than the package says and microwave for the least amount of time possible to warm it up. (beware of carbs)

- add a scoop of protein powder to a low-fat or vegetarian chilli, mix it up, and then heat.

- protein powder works well in cream soups (bisque, cream of mushroom, etc...) or can be added to broth to make a slightly creamy soup.

-  add some unflavored protein powder to creamed spinach, then heat

You just really need to experiment.  Adding the protein powder will really be helpful post-op to get all the protein in that you need.

Best of luck!

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on 8/28/11 6:12 am - CA
I add protein powder to the standard SF/FF instant pudding mix - chocolate protein powder in the chocolate pudding and unflavored protein powder in the other flavors.  To me the chocolate works best, tasting the most like "normal" pudding. I normally mix the protein powder into the milk first then add the pudding mix.

My typical mix now is to use only one cup of milk and one scoop of protein powder (instead of two each) plus a cup of plain greek yogurt - mix it all together then add the pudding mix. It cuts the typical sweetness of the pudding mix and protein powders, adds a bit of tartness, and reduces any objectionable "protein powder" taste into the background. About 11 g protein in a half cup serving.

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on 8/28/11 3:47 pm - CA
 Wow!  Thank you for sharing this tip.  I'm going to try this asap!
diane S.
on 8/28/11 7:21 am
i take the ready made sf pudding in the little cups and mix it with a couple spoons of protein powder. you can also mix in some greek yogurt for a cheesecake taste and get more protein in and more powder too. Diane

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on 8/28/11 7:59 am - NH
My favorite SF puddings are cheesecake pudding with Strawberry protein mix and chocolate pudding with cookies and cream protien mix...they taste sooooo good.  The SF lemon with unflavored is good too.  I also use pudding mix in my protein shakes. I got that idea from egghead's blog.  She has really great ideas and I cannot wait to try more out when I am able to eat more foods again.