9 Months Out -- Pics

on 9/2/11 8:13 am
Hi.  I'm really sorry I haven't been on here as often as I should be to "pay it forward" to the newbies.

I'm down to 154.  My surgeon's goal for me is 150--I will get there soon!  My personal goal is 135.

I'll be brief here, but if anyone has ANY questions, please ask me or send me a private message.  So many of the veterans helped me along the way for which I'm grateful so it is my turn to pay it forward.

Here are some pictures of me eating jello after my surgery.  One of me at 165.  I'm at 154 now so new pictures are in order.  Soon, promise!

Sorry I couldn't get all my pictures copied over -- look at my profile for all my pics at various stages.

Have a great weekend!

SW/CW/GW   224/140/135
5'2"  no pre-op diet
on 9/2/11 8:19 am - MO
on 9/2/11 12:36 pm
Thank you. You're too sweet!
SW/CW/GW   224/140/135
5'2"  no pre-op diet
on 9/2/11 8:23 am - CA
You are looking great!!! 
putting one foot in front of the other...        
on 9/2/11 12:39 pm
Thank you! I'm also healthier. My labs are great. Cholesterol is down, etc. No longer borderline type 2 diabetic. Yay!!
SW/CW/GW   224/140/135
5'2"  no pre-op diet
on 9/2/11 8:41 am
You look incredible! 9 mos and almost goal??? WOW! 
on 9/2/11 12:40 pm
Look at you chugging right along!! It feels good, huh?!
SW/CW/GW   224/140/135
5'2"  no pre-op diet
on 9/2/11 8:46 am - Pembroke Pines, FL
 Looking good. Nice pose :)
 [ Hi, I'm stefanie, I'm 28 years old and 5'3'' ]
on 9/2/11 12:42 pm
Thank you! You're doing great!!
SW/CW/GW   224/140/135
5'2"  no pre-op diet
on 9/2/11 9:24 am
AMAZING!!! Thanks for thinking about us newbies we need all of u..
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