What can you NOT eat now that you could before?

on 9/21/11 11:45 pm - LA
and what happens if you do?  I have found that tomatoes do it to me (10 weeks out) and I get alot of acid that last for days....am wondering if that ever gets better too???
on 9/21/11 11:52 pm
I can eat ANYTHING!!  Unfortunately.
Julie Sadek    
on 9/21/11 11:55 pm
VSG on 06/24/11 with
more than a bite of any sweet pastry. slimies and misery ensues. Fortunate as that was my favorite go-to-stress food.

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on 9/22/11 12:17 am
Absolutely nothing. Scrambled eggs and pork sit heavy in my stomach, but I can eat them.

As for the tomatoes, I wasn't allowed to eat raw veggies, fruit, nuts for 3 months. I was on Prilosec so that probably helped once I started eating tomato based sauces. But, if it's not working now, it might work in a couple of months. The first few months are trial and error as your stomach adjusts.
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on 9/22/11 12:33 am, edited 9/22/11 5:44 am - Douglassville, PA
PORK! I can eat bacon, ham and sasuage, but pork- like roast or tenderloin, goes right through.

Also, oatmeal- sits like a lead balloon!

on 9/22/11 12:33 am - FL

I have difficulty with ribs and wings unless they are very heavily sauced at which point I won't eat them because they are carbie.  My sleeve does not like dry meat one little bit even at almost 8 months out.  I occasionally have issues with lunch meat, as well. 

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May D.
on 9/22/11 12:37 am, edited 9/22/11 4:44 am
VSG on 02/23/11 with
I recently was able to eat ground turkey again.  I don't drink carbonated beverages because the gas makes me feel uncomfortable, but other than that nothing bothers me and I haven't taken acid reducers like Prilosec, etc., for several months now. 

on 9/22/11 12:39 am - Decatur, GA
VSG on 08/07/08 with
Bready things sit like a rock in my stomach.

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on 9/22/11 1:09 am - Windsor Locks, CT

Seems I can eat just about anything.  I am trying to be good, but my honeymoon phase is over and when I went to OH conference in NOLA, I ate some really bad stuff and survived.

I tell myself I don't like the taste of sweets, so that I stay away from them.  Wish I never knew you don't dump with a sleeve :--)

Just have to worry about eating too much and too fast.  That's my problem.


Ms. Poker Face
on 9/22/11 1:09 am
Carbonated drinks.  Other than that, I can eat everything.


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