Clothes Swap Out????

Kim W.
on 9/21/11 11:55 pm - TX
VSG on 03/15/11 with
  Don't y'all think we need a classifieds on OH to trade out clothes since we're going in and out of sizes so fast now?!  I do!

So who is still transitioning?  I am 6 months out and down from a 22 to a 16 and the 16s are all loose and baggy on me.....anyone have any 14s they want to get rid of because now you're in a 12?  Any 18's out there looking for some 16's?

Let's help each other out!  

Kim W., 26, Arlington, TX
Robin W.
on 9/22/11 12:14 am - Severn, MD
This is an an excellent idea, but I would think the shipping could get costly. I had planned to donate my stuff for tax write off, but if someone is in need, I am certainly willing to donate.

Kim W.
on 9/22/11 12:20 am - TX
VSG on 03/15/11 with
 I say if there are serious inquiries, we can cover each other's shipping through paypal.  Not talking about shipping entire wardrobes or anything, but like pants and jeans, stuff like that that people are gonna need for Fall/Winter.  But I can't part with my 16's til I get some 14's!  I'm going broke over here!  LOL

Kim W., 26, Arlington, TX
on 9/22/11 12:42 am
I think lots of support groups and meetups do clothing exchanges.  Are you involved with anything locally, so that you wouldn't have to pay shipping?  
HW 263, 3lbs lost prior to surgery,  weight loss ticker is since surgery.
Kim W.
on 9/22/11 1:01 am - TX
VSG on 03/15/11 with
 good idea.  i'll post in a local forum!

Kim W., 26, Arlington, TX
on 9/22/11 4:14 am - Windsor Locks, CT

People say to go to consignment or thrift stores, but between the 22 to the 14 (which I am in now), I wasn't finding much in those sizes.  I did better at Kohls and even bought a few pairs of slacks at Walmart. 

But an on-line exchange may get a little difficult.    If you can figure it out, I'm game.

on 9/22/11 9:20 am
Hey there -- I normally post on the Light Weight board -- I made a comment in a post about needing to shop for 14's and found someone within 3 hours of my house who was looking to get rid of clothes. Keep asking and searching for people in your area of Texas -- maybe try the Texas board.

Good luck!!!
  HW 236 / SW 224 / CW 164/ GW 135
on 9/22/11 12:19 pm - TX
 Kim, I live pretty close to you and while we are in pretty much the same sizes right now--our support group meets in Keller.  We do have a clothes swap at our monthly meetings if you are interested. I would also suggest resale. There are several in Arlington and I have had pretty good luck.

Good luck!
on 4/30/12 2:25 am - Sicklerville, NJ
Hi, It's crazy, I just posted on the Forum about needing smaller clothes.  I had a phenomenon happen and lost 12 pounds which brought me down to 98 lbs. way too skinny. Get that, I'm saying too skinny for me. But seriously, 2 yrs after my surgery, I went down to 98 and looked awful, so I gained but before that I had bought a load of clothes (jeans and shorts) in sizes 0-3.  In Dec or Jan I gave them all away. I searched my whole bedroom looking for some smaller clothes and found one pair of shorts in a 3.  I'm six yrs. out and they found a cyst or something in my pancreas and hep C which probably explains the weight loss.  I think the clothes trade is wonderful.  A bit of advice though. Don't give all your sizes away.  You never know what is going to happen.  I was hovering at a comfortable weight of 107-109-112 and loving it for a long time and that's why I gave all the little clothes away.  Now, I am very sorry I did so.  I live in Sicklerville, New Jersey.  If by any chance anyone knows of any postops who have any clothes in those sizes, let me know.  Thanks.
Kathleen E. Stone-Corbett