on 9/24/11 2:48 am - Houma, LA
Hello I was sleeved on the 20th, and have not taken any medication. I'm not sure how to take them. And will it hurt when the pills go down?
on 9/24/11 3:04 am - Lincoln, NE
Shouldn't hurt at all. I took all my meds after surgery with no problem. Check with your doc as to which meds you are to take as some of them may change after surgery. Example - I did not have to take any diabetes meds after surgery. Hope this helps.
Rich Sonderegger
on 9/24/11 4:08 am - CA

Sugar free applesauce really is a good way to take your pills.  Check with your pharmacist, but most capsules can be opened and sprinkled into a small amount of applesauce and eaten.  I say small amount because most meds are bitter and taste bad.  You can "chase" with more applesauce, water or juice.  For solid pills you can buy a pill crusher at any pharmacy and crush the pills and put them in applesauce.  I say check with a pharmacist because some meds shouldn't be taken this way.  You can also speak to your doc tomorrow about what meds you really need to take right now.  After a few weeks you can swallow most pills normally.

putting one foot in front of the other...        
on 9/24/11 4:58 am - Houma, LA
Thanks for all the help.
on 9/24/11 5:36 am
Hi there I was thinking about you! We have sent some messages. Hope all is going well. Still just dreaming about surgery.
on 9/24/11 10:52 pm
Good day. I  too was sleeved on the 20th. What I have been doing is taking my meds - 1 pill at a time throughout the day. Just take very small sips. It does not hurt at all. Good luck!!