2 weeks out

on 10/5/11 1:09 pm - Houma, LA
Hello everyone, I am 2 weeks out had VSG on 9/20/11. I haven't lost any weight. why not??? starting to feel like they didn't do any surgery on me at all. any suggestions...
on 10/5/11 1:45 pm
i'm sure they gave you IV fluids while you were in the hospital, so that would 'splain a good part of it.....  you will also most likely hit a stall around 3 weeks out, which is very, very,  VERY normal...

 breathe in, breathe out, repeat as necessary...

 be patient with yo bad self...


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on 10/5/11 2:14 pm - Granada Hills, CA
When I was 2 weeks out. the only thing i was worried about was recovering from major surgery and staying hydrated. WHY on earth would you want to stress yourself out about a freaking scale right now. You know you had surgery cause you can eat/drink normally. The biggest disclaimer you should have been given when going into this process is that WLS is not a magic cure, and the weight will not just melt off instanteously.

Give it a while before you start stressing. Take time to heal, get better and then worry about weight loss and the scale.

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on 10/5/11 3:16 pm - CA
I hear ya BIG time!!! I am 3 weeks out and have lost barely anything...I had better loss results during the pre-op phase. I am just sticking with the program and hopefully one day I will wake up and the weight will just start coming off. I know I am restricted because I feel so dang full after I attempt to eat a few bites....so I know the sleeve is working - my body is just not cooperating right now....lol. I hear it gets better.... 

Also, I learned that the less you have to loose the slower the weight comes off. I am not sure if that is true or not but I have read it plenty on other posts.
on 10/6/11 12:07 am
Your doc should have warned you that you are a light weight.  Also, we have retained fluid and swelling after surgery.  That alone takes time to work itself out.  I had significant weightloss prior to surgery.  My surgeon warned me that my weight loss may not be as fast as someone who had not modified their diet at all prior to surgery.  Obviously, we cannot eat nearly as much as before.  Eventually, it will come off!  Be encouraged>
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on 10/6/11 12:58 am - Houma, LA
Thanks everyone,  guess I just need to give it time. I will try not to stress over the scale. thanks for all the help....you guys rock