7 months post op -- pics!

Kim W.
on 10/12/11 1:59 am - TX
VSG on 03/15/11 with
 IMG_4778.JPGmorning of surgery march 15, 2011, 265 pounds!!!!

current pic 10/8/11 me on the left with my Derby Wife :)  190 lbs!!!!!  i just can't believe it right now.  my mind is blown.  sometimes i go, is that me in that pic???  i hope i dont sound conceited but i've never felt good about the way i look....and i am starting to come around to like the me i see in the mirror :)

on 10/12/11 2:02 am - Moreno Valley, CA
Girl go on ahead and be  conceited! I know I am...LOL!!
on 10/12/11 2:09 am - WI
All I can say is WOW    great job!

Kim W.
on 10/12/11 2:12 am - TX
VSG on 03/15/11 with
 thanks Tanie!  I see me and you are neck in neck in the weight loss :) way to go!
Kim W.
on 10/12/11 2:10 am, edited 10/12/11 2:10 am - TX
VSG on 03/15/11 with
 LOL to yello!
on 10/12/11 2:18 am
Nothing wrong with liking what you see in the mirror...definitely not conceited!  You are working hard for you success so enjoy looking at what you see :)

You are doing such a fantastic job!  Congrats on your success and keep up the good work!
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on 10/12/11 2:49 am - MN
I can't see the pics, but those are great numbers!
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Kelly L.
on 10/12/11 3:42 am
I can't see the pics, but congrats!! It's a wonderful NSV when you begin to like what you see in pics and in the mirror.
Kim W.
on 10/12/11 4:15 am - TX
VSG on 03/15/11 with
 cant see the pics?

IMG_4778.JPG  photo.JPG
on 10/12/11 7:02 am - VA
Not conceited; just admiring God's handywork. Way to go!

Keep up the good work,

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