5 weeks out and getting sick

on 10/25/11 3:40 am - Houma, LA
Hello all,
I am 5 weeks out and have been doing great, can eat without any problems can drink without any problems. But this past saturday was the first time I eat and then threw up, then it happened again yesterday, now I am feeling nauseaed all day. Why is this happening so far out?

on 10/25/11 4:00 am - CO

I think you should call your Doc (you might already have).

That doesn't seem like it's going in the right direction. Might want to get some blood tests.

Feel better soon.

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on 10/25/11 4:06 am - Houma, LA
Thank you, I have an appointment thrusday, and I just did my bloodwork last week for the appt. so I guess I will find out in 2 days.
on 10/25/11 4:44 am - los angeles, CA
I'm thinking if you're post op diet was anything like mine and most on here you are eating different foods now at 5 weeks.  Denser proteins and the like.  Maybe you are being too aggressive with them and you need to walk it back a little.  Maybe not if you were one of those on a pretty quick change regimen. The biggest thing for me when i got to dense protein was to try and slow down and let my body decide when it was enough.  It's a learning curve. Hope this helps.
on 10/25/11 6:07 am - MD
I'm only 4 weeks out and I have threw up a couple of times, all because I eat too fast.  But once I threw up I instanley felt better and never nauseaed all day.  You should check with your doctor and let us know.

Hope you feel better soon!!
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