Asked to Speak at Information Meeting. Help!

on 10/27/11 1:58 am
I had my 6-month appointment today, and everything went fantastic. Labs were great, I'm losing on track with or better than bypass patients, and they're all very happy with me. Normally this would be a post all on its own, but I'm glossing over it now because they asked me if I could come to the information meeting for potential patients tonight and talk/answer questions. I'm totally excited to do this and I love the opportunity to talk about my surgery, but I'm nervous!

Are there any topics I should definitely stay away from? Is there anything I should be sure to mention? Am I overthinking this entirely too much and I'll probably just have to say hi and then answer questions?
on 10/27/11 2:11 am
 I attended a pre-meeting with a current 'loser' that was presenting.  The things I most appreciated were their honesty about concerns, fears, their journey - how they made this decision, their support or lack there of, and how they managed afterwards to success.

Be yourself!  You are a beautiful 'loser' and will do fine!  Congrats on such success.
on 10/27/11 2:11 am
Be open and prepared to answer any and all questions as honestly as you can. Remember when you were in there shoes? They just want to know what to expect along their potential journey. Usually, you will start giving information about yourself then answer questions. So, I would do a slight outline of what you think they will want to know and go off of that. I wouldn't read straight off the paper but use it as a guideline to talk to them. Just remember what your journey has been like so far...the good, the bad, and the ugly. Be honest and I'm sure you'll do great! Good luck and have fun!!

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on 10/27/11 2:42 am - CO
Be honest. That's what I wanted from the person that spoke at my Seminar.

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on 10/27/11 3:37 am
Tell them about the 3-week stall! :)
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