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on 10/30/11 1:19 pm - NJ
Hi! The last time I was in here was probably April or May 2011. I was concerned about  being 56 yrs old and afraid of getting weight loss surgery because of my age. Alot of nice folks responded to my message. Well here I am again but this time I am one week away from getting the Vertical Gastric Sleeve!!!!  I am going thru so many feelings right now. I am very nervous and then I cannot wait!!  I have about 135 lbs too lose and I am hoping I do well.  My surgery date is November 8th, 2011. Dr Alex Gandsas (stratford, nj)... I will have to get my daughter to post my pic on this website! Any comments are most welcome!!!

on 10/30/11 1:27 pm - CA
Good luck you will do great. I am 51 and tomorrow will be my 1 month surgiversary! It has literally flown by, I can't believe it's a month. Best thing I ever did for myself. Congratulations, you won't regret it!
on 10/30/11 1:44 pm - NJ
Oops sorry I posted back to you the wrong way! Thank you and congrats on your one month surgiversary!!!! (c: I need all the push I can get.  Seeing your post gives me a better confidence and helps my fear go away some !

on 10/30/11 1:33 pm - TX
I am sixty. You should be fine. Probably the fastest recovery I have had from abdominal surgery. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!
on 10/30/11 1:38 pm - NJ
Thank you so much!!!! I am just ansi right now (c:

on 10/30/11 1:36 pm - NJ
Thank you for responding! Your reply has strenghtened my nerves. I am happy that your surgery was successful and now on your way to a new you!!!
on 10/30/11 1:46 pm

Hi! I am SO happy for you!! You will do fine and I will be praying for you that your nerves would calm down and that your surgery will be the exact help/tool you need to lose weight and be healthy again!! I am waiting for insurance approval on my journey here... please don't be a stranger now and keep us updated on your progress!!

Best wishes for a safe and healthy outcome and lots of success on your journey!!

50yr. old female 5'8" / HW 363 / ConsW 346 / SW 333 / CW 184.4


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on 10/30/11 2:51 pm
Exciting, nerve wracking, congratulations!! Big decision but I'm sure you took your time like I did. I'm so happy with my decision! Can't wait to hear how it goes.
on 10/30/11 3:19 pm
Hello.  My name is Debra, and I just had VSG 7 Days ago...10-24-11.  I am soooo very happy for you!  Just to let you know, I am not very young, and I also was nervous as can be.  So many different thoughts race through your mind, right...Yes. Because THIS IS IT.  For whatever reason, that you were not able to LW, you will once you have the procedure-the weight will come off. Now, I am sure you will keep in mind, the fact that some lose fast and some slower...take it easy on yourself.  Let the medical team do what they do best-they're the experts, they are wonderful (no worries) You're knocked out for the whole thing...will not feel a thing, until the nurse is waking you up, telling you everything went as planned, and you are on the 7th floor of so and so hospital  -November 8th, wow, how blessed you are. So many people are praying to just get their insurance to approve them...and here you are almost at the door-to open it, and step into another world of a more comfortable YOU, Healthier YOU, the YOU THAT ONLY YOU WILL UNDERSTAND NEEDS TO BE BETTER.  Certainly, add me as a friend, and we can share this journey together----btw, this website is awesome.  Take good care of yourself, God (Yah) only made one special one. 
Amy D.
on 10/30/11 3:46 pm
 Hello Suzanne ,  I am also getting the VSG done on Nov. 8th!!!  I have a whole lot of the same going on here ... so many different emotions!!  This fourm helps ease me with support & what to expect!!  We can do this!!  Friend me if you would like to keep in touch!!  
VSG 11-8-11      HW 327       SW 255   Mo.1-25 lbs  loss  " I think that everything happens to me for a reason. The hard times that I go through build character, making me a much stronger person.?
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