Here We Go!!!!!

Jeanne T.
on 11/15/11 10:31 am
Well, Tomorrow starts the liquids for 2 weeks,  I will covet your prayers and good wishes!!!  I'm excited.
I'll keep you all posted.

on 11/15/11 10:32 am
VSG on 03/07/12 with
 sending prayers! 
Jeanne T.
on 11/15/11 7:16 pm
Thank you very much. 
on 11/15/11 10:38 am - MI

I'm starting mine tomorrow too! So good luck and I will be right there with

Jeanne T.
on 11/15/11 7:15 pm
Good Luck to you too!!!!
on 11/15/11 10:50 am
I've been on my pre-op for a month now and my surgery was suppose to be Nov 21st but it's been cancelled because I'm sick.  My new date is Dec 2nd on my daughter's birthday.  I will keep you in my prayers, I know you can do this.  If it gets tough, you should start singing to take your mind off food.  I know you like to sing.  Jackie
Jeanne T.
on 11/15/11 7:14 pm
Wow, I guess I'll just think of you when I get sad and hungry.  Keep your chin up and I'll pray for you too!  :)
on 11/15/11 10:51 am
Jeanne!!! Can you believe its 2 weeks away?!! I'm so excited; my doc doesn't have me doing the 2-wk liquid diet just one day pre-op and the bowel prep...but I can't believe our big day is 2 weeks away!!

Lots of luck to you on that liquid diet!

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Jeanne T.
on 11/15/11 7:18 pm
Okay, now I'm jealous.  LOL  So happy for us!!!!!!  Keep me posted.
on 11/17/11 10:09 am - MI
I have to say Ditto, that I am pretty jealous too since I am right there with Jeanne on the two week liquid Yay to all of us 11/30 sleevers though =)